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Founded in 2001, Oakwood Solicitors delivers a service which caters to you. Our multi-service law firm deals with cases both locally and nationally, enabling clients all around the country to settle their cases and carry on living life.

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Some of our Most Popular Services:

Accidents in Rented Accommodation

If you live in rented accommodation you may have reported issues with your home to your landlord or housing association. In some cases, if a hazard has been reported but not addressed, this can lead t…

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Bullying and Harassment at Work

Many employees experience unpleasant treatment at work at the hands of their managers and fellow colleagues at some time during their working career. Sometimes this activity deeply affects individuals…

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Delay in Diagnosis

A late diagnosis takes place when a medical professional manages to identify your condition, but does so following an unnecessary delay. Like the other forms of misdiagnosis, a late diagnosis may l…

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Knife Injuries

Despite a large number of recent campaigns to reduce the number of people either injured or killed in knife attacks, the number of attacks being reported to the police continues to rise. Knife atta…

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Hearing Loss Claims for Exposure at Work

By law, employers have a responsibility for your health and safety (this includes your hearing). Common symptoms of hearing loss include: Struggling to hear conversation when there is backgrou…

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Shareholder and Partnership Disputes

Unfortunately, it is a reality that there can be disputes between business owners and it is essential for the progression of the business, health and wellbeing of the owners and morale of the staff th…

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Staff Spotlight: Saima Malik

“Growing up I had a cousin Barrister who I did look up to quite a lot, and I used to ask him lots of questions about his job.”

Saima Malik

Don’t Be a Stress Statistic

ARTICLE BY: EMMA THOMPSON   The Data There is no denying it: work-related stress, anxiety and depression are widespread issues. Work-related stress has climbed to its highest rate in almost t…

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Routes Into Law and the Legal Profession

ARTICLE BY: DARYL SMITH Make no mistake, the path to working in the legal profession can be tough and involves a huge amount of hard work. However, it is also rewarding, fulfilling and leaves you wit…

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Need Help Claiming Back Your Loss in Car Value?

If you have a non-fault car accident and is damaged, there’s a chance that buyers will be put off when you try to sell. Diminution - Loss in Car Value.

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