Team of Fraudsters Staged “Crash for Cash” Accident Using Bus Filled with 26 Fraudulent Passengers

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Team of Fraudsters Staged"Crash for Cash" Accident Using Bus Filled with 26 Fraudulent Passengers

Team of Fraudsters Staged “Crash for Cash” Accident Using Bus Filled with 26 Fake Passengers
A Team of fraudsters used the “cash for crash” accident in an attempt to claim up to £250000 worth of compensation.
There were allegedly 26 passengers on the single decker bus when the bus driver Adam Herbert aged 25 crashed the bus purposely and slowly into a Vauxhall Zafira.
Both police and the ambulance crew attended the scene but said that there was no sign of the Vauxhall Zafira and only one man seemed to be injured.
Following the accident 26 fraudulent claims for whiplash were made by the passengers Sheffield Crown Court heard. The bus company Sheffield Mainline were forced to set £250000 aside to pay the claimant’s compensation for the incident.
Seven defendants have denied the charges of conspiracy to defraud insurance companies however the bus driver has admitted to it.
The crash was allegedly staged in June 2011 and according to Katherine Robinson the prosecutor the incident centred around the claims company City Claims 4 U run by Mohammed Gulzar and Shoaib Nawaz Pitsmoor Road in Sheffield.
She went on to say.
“It was a professional and organised conspiracy by deliberately making false claims over road traffic accidents which never occurred or were staged.”
Passengers described the incident as a “very minor bump” at a slow speed and some called it a “gentle collision”.
It was reported that at a later date one passenger admitted to the police that it was all staged and she had been asked if she wanted to make a personal injury claim.
One of the people who falsely claimed for the accident worked for City Claims 4 U.
The bus company investigated the accident claim and discovered the crash was staged.
The court was told that the gang of fraudsters had staged other accidents in Rotherham Halifax and Sheffield between October 2010 and July 2011.
The value of the claims had been deliberately inflated by the claimant’s using Rent a Car 4 U to provide fraudsters with replacement hire vehicles. This company has been linked to the claims company.
Miss Robinson claims said the principle organiser of the scam was Gulzar and Nawaz was a central figure to it.
Gulzar 30 Nawaz 25 and Nisar Hussain 28 all from Sheffield; Liam Howden 25 of Rotherham Javed Khan 46 of Birmingham Sami Selam 37 of Flint North Wales and Kiran Shaheen 21 of Bradford all deny conspiracy to defraud.
Deputy head of the Oakwood Solicitors RTA department Rob Crompton said.
“The lengths to which fraudsters will go to in order to milk the system seems to have hit an all time high. The scam often involves well planned and intricate strategies in order to claim money from insurers. If Claimant Solicitors knew of the allegations being made at an early stage then some of these fraudulent claims would not be pursued and could be avoided. An early exchange of information between Claimant Solicitors and Insurers would undoubtedly identify such circles and reduce the work involved and costs incurred for both parties – leaving the law abiding consumer to benefit from a reduced insurance premium”.
Eight more defendants have admitted to the same charge and will be sentenced.
The trial continues.
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