Two Serious Errors Made at Devon and Exeter Hospital

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Two Serious Errors Made at Devon and Exeter Hospital

Two serious errors made at Devon and Exeter Hospital
Following the controversial exposure of the NHS cover ups of baby deaths in the Trust in Cumbria the health service has been plagued with damning stories emerging about more mistakes that have been made by their staff. This time it is incidents in Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital that have hit the headlines.
One of the incidents at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital involved errors where a patient was receiving a blood transfusion using the wrong type of blood sources confirmed.
The other hospital error was made when a tube was inserted into a patient’s heart unnecessarily.
There has been an investigation into the two instances and why they occurred in the first place. The hospital’s managers have said that providing safe care was their “top priority”.
These incidences have been labelled as"never events" by the Department of Health because they believe that they should never have occurred because of their serious nature.
The first error where the wrong blood type was used in a blood transfusion could have caused the patient harm or could have had a fatal outcome. The patient could have suffered from acute haemolytic transfusion reaction (AHTR). AHTR is where the immune system attacks the blood cells in reaction to the donated blood.
The second incident was performing an angiogram that was unnecessary. This procedure is where a tube is inserted into the heart and a coloured dye is injected into it so that doctors can see problems how the heart is working and see how narrow the arteries are.
The Care Quality Commission (CQC) have confirmed that they know about the events at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital and will take these findings into account during their next inspection.
BBC research showed that this is not the first time these types of errors have occurred and previous research showed that there have been six incidences of non-events in the Devon and Exeter NHS Trust between 2009 and 2012.
They also found that there were six errors in the Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust and 14 at Plymouth Hospitals Trust during the same time period.
According to the NHS there have been over 750"never events" in hospitals in England over the same time period as the initial errors.
These types of hospital errors are unacceptable and those affected by them whether directly or indirectly deserve to have access to a team of solicitors who can potentially assist them. Oakwood Solicitors medical negligence team has experience in dealing with hospital errors that have resulted in catastrophic injuries. They would happy to assess the prospects of your claim and discuss making a medical negligence claim with you.
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The original article by the BBC can be found here

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