Two-inch Needle Found in Six Week Old Baby’s Cow and Gate Milk Powder

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Two-inch Needle Found in Six Week Old Baby’s Cow and Gate Milk Powder

Cow & Gate have launched an investigation after a mother found the needle in her daughter’s milk powder.
Julie Wakeling had already used the Cow & Gate anti-reflux formula to feed six week-old Skahayla before she saw the spike poking out from the powder.
The 26-year-old mother from Kent said that if the needle had not been spotted it could have caused her baby serious damage.
She told the Daily Mail that she saw something shiny as she took her last scoop.
She said that she was worried that this could have been a contaminated needle.
Ms Wakeling is eager to tell her story so that that she could warn other mothers.
Immediately after she found the needle she made a complaint to the manufacturers Danone Baby Nutrition UK and has sent them the needle for them to analyse.
The quality affairs manager for Danone Baby Nutrition UK Suzanne Kingsberrysaid: ‘We were concerned to hear from Miss Wakeling.
‘We have not yet seen the product in question however we are keen to fully investigate this complaint and have arranged for the product to be returned to us for a full examination.
‘Once we have had the opportunity to investigate we will contact Miss Wakeling with our findings.
‘We can reassure parents that this is an isolated incident and we have not received any similar complaints for any other Cow & Gate product.
‘Cow & Gate are committed to manufacturing high-quality baby foods and parents can continue to use our products with confidence.’

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