800,000 Volkswagen vehicles with C02 problems

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Beleaguered car giant Volkswagen has admitted that an internal investigation has revealed that 800,000 of its vehicles has “unexplained inconsistencies” in their carbon dioxide emissions.

VW are still reeling from the fallout after it was announced in September that they were cheating on diesel emissions tests for 11 million vehicles worldwide; which is estimated to cost them £4.76bn, this addition ‘problem’ could cost them another £1.4bn to develop a solution.

In the statement, they did say that the 800,000 were “predominantly vehicles with diesel engines” which raises the likelihood for the first time that some Volkswagens with petrol-powered engines may also have emissions problems.

Oakwood Solicitors has spoken to hundreds of disgruntled VW diesel owners who are looking at the Group for compensation, this additional admission that petrol vehicles are also being investigated could open the floodgates even more for owners of all VW vehicles to raise a compensation claim; this comes a day after the EPA in the United States suggested that 3.0L V6 vehicles (including Porsche) also had the ‘defeat device’.

Despite the new issue, Volkswagen has assured customers that the safety of the vehicles in question “is in no way compromised”.

The statement went on to say that Volkswagen “will endeavour to clarify the further course of action as quickly as possible and ensure the correct CO2 classification for the vehicles affected” with the responsible authorities, and that a “reliable assessment of the legal, and the subsequent economic consequences, of this not yet fully explained issue.” will be issued.

Speaking about the news, Richard Coulthard (Director and Head of Litigation) commented “The situation for Volkswagen goes from bad to worse, the slow release of information from them isn’t doing them any favours; and it’s actually making owners more nervous and more determined to claim the compensation that they deserve.”

We are still receiving the details of worried VW, Audi, Skoda and SEAT owners on a daily basis, if you are unsure or you are looking at registering your details with us for a compensation claim, then please use the short form opposite.

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