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For many of us, a trip to the dentist is something we dread coming around. But it is Kim Atkinson who was perhaps left with the worst taste in her mouth after being a victim of clinical negligence.

In 2012, Kim Atkinson was involved in a freak accident when a car door blew into her face and knocked one of her front teeth out. Following this misfortune, Kim sought treatment at the dentist surgery, Always Smiling, based in Newcastle.

Daniel Stocks, her dentist, failed to fit a crown onto the remains of her tooth. He then advised that an implant should be fitted to the roof of her mouth, as well as levelling Kim’s teeth in order to improve her bite.

However, before Kim could finish her course of treatment, Daniel Stocks was convicted of eight charges of voyeurism at Newcastle Magistrates Court. Stocks was found guilty of using his phone to secretly record women using the toilet in his surgery.

As a result, Kim was left struggling to find a new dentist who would agree to fix the mess Stocks had created. Twelve dentists refused to treat Kim because they simply didn’t know where to start. A second opinion also revealed that the use of an implant was inadequate to fix Kim’s injuries and that Stocks was using some of the cheapest products on the market to treat his patients. Kim’s new dentist told her that it was the worst case he’d seen in 25 years of practice.

Kim Atkinson has undergone 12 operations to try and repair the negligent work of Dan Stocks. This surgery has caused the former chef to lose sense of taste and smell, forcing her to leave work.

The treatment has not only cost Kim her livelihood but also her life’s savings, a total of £40,000. She has been unable to reclaim these costs through Dan Stock’s insurer, due to the convictions made against him.

For Kim, a minor accident turned into a life changing event due the negligent treatment she received; this was completely avoidable and unjust.

It is possible to recover compensation in claims such as Kim’s.  If the treatment you have received from a dentist was negligent, a claim for compensation through the Dentist’s Defence Union can be pursued.  Whilst dental negligence claims are often complex and difficult to prove, our team are highly experienced and can provide you with specialist advice.
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Article written by Bethany Hall, Legal Administrator for the Clinical Negligence Department at Oakwood Solicitors.








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