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One of our clients Mrs C age 66 was moving some plastics when one of the handles snapped and dug into her leg. Some of the boxes were not in a very good condition however she had not informed of this.

Manual handling often causes injuries which is why employers are advised where possible to use machinery such as forklifts to move items around to avoid injuries obtained from manual handling. Manual working often causes accidents. Employers who employ staff to perform manual roles for the benefit of their company need to ensure that an accurate up-to-date risk assessment has been performed. For any manual work which involves pushing or pulling any heavy objects equipment to help the employee should be provided free of charge by the workplace. The types of equipment which can help employees to perform these duties may include simple things such as wheeled trolleys or even making work units the correct height for their employees.

Our accident in the work place lawyers have had many years of experience if you have ever had an accident at work which wasn?t your fault like Mrs C then come to Oakwood in Leeds. We are experienced and are very confident in our ability to gain compensation on your behalf.

We are so confident in what we do we offer a no win no fee option. When clients are asked to perform manual handling duties employers need to be aware of the increased risk of injury relating to this manual operation. Employers who require employees to carry out manual handling duties need to ensure that a risk assessment has been done and that this would risk assessment is updated on a regular basis with input from employees with regards to any changes they feel would be of benefit from making.

Mrs C was awarded compensation not just for the initial injury but for the prolonged suffering that followed afterwards too. Mrs C had a nasty laceration on her leg as a result of the box handle snapping. Unfortunately Mrs C also developed a secondary infection that then proceeded to spread throughout her entire body. Thankfully Oakwood Solicitors were able to secure Mrs C the compensation she deserved.

If you have suffered an accident at work and you would like to speak to one of our lawyers who specialize in accident in the work place claims in Leeds then call us on 0844 499 9302.

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