Accidents At Work [Infographic]

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Although the number of work-related deaths is declining in the UK (in 2014/15 the Health and Safety Executive reported 142 deaths) the number of non-fatal injuries is high at 611,000 for the same period.

It’s important to know what can cause you serious injury at work, as highlighted in the infographic below the most common accident type is from ‘Slips and Trips‘ – these often happen as a result of inadequate flooring, footwear or environment. ‘Falls‘ is the second most common type of workplace accident, and is typically the result of a fall from a height where the relevant safeguards haven’t been put into place.

Struck by an object‘ typically a falling item is the third most common accident, followed by ‘Handling‘ (such as lifting and carrying), and the fifth most common type of workplace accident is from ‘Assault‘.


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