Acid Attacks Hit A Record High In The UK

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There has been a steep rise in acid attacks in the UK with over 400 reported cases in the past six months, that’s more than double of that in 2012 (183).  According to the Police, attackers have been opting to use acid as a weapon, with the aim of inflicting long-term injuries on their victims.

St John’s Ambulance advise members of the public to follow these procedures if involved in an attack as a victim or witness.

Source: St John Ambulance

Why Are Gangs Using It More And More?

Jaf Sha of the London acid survivors trust charity explains: “The primary motive of an acid attack is not to kill, but to leave its mark on an opponent.” The ease of obtaining and transporting the substance means that it is increasingly difficult to prevent future attacks. It is legal to purchase sulphuric acid from most DIY stores. The liquid can be contained in something as simple as a soft drink bottle making it accessible to almost anyone.

What Is Being Done?

Resham Khan, 21, London was a victim of an acid attack when she had the substance thrown at her on the 21st June 2017. She has helped raise over £55,000 to have new laws implemented to prevent the dangerous material being so easy to obtain for criminals. The Manchester Metropolitan University student has also helped obtain over 360,000 signatures as part of a petition for the law to be changed whilst East Ham Labour MP Stephen Timms said: “I will press ministers to consider licensing the sale of corrosive liquids to combat the surge in acid attacks.”

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