Mr Danburyis compensated after his age discrimination claim is settled; using advice from Oakwoodin London.

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Mr Danbury was a benefits claim examiner; he had worked for over 18 years for the same employer.

His role had been subject to many changes over the years he enjoyed learning new systems and felt that he was a key member of the team. He began to find that he was not being sent for training when new procedures were introduced until he asked to be sent and his staff were openly dismissive of him due to the way he was being discriminated against due to his age by the management structure in work.

Can my age discrimination case be settled out of court; can I use employment solicitors for advicein London?
We were able to agree a financial settlement between the two parties without the need to attend an employment tribunal in court. Mr Danbury has been delighted with his compensation. If you feel that have been the victim of age discrimination and you would liketo see if your case can be settled without the need for an employment tribunal you can get advice in London call Oakwood today on: 0844 499 9302.

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