MrsDeverson pursued her claim after involving Oakwoods expert age discriminationlawyers to give her advice in the UK.

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Mrs Deversonwas a reporting financial manageress who had worked on behalf of her recent employer for over 17 years. As the more experienced personnel retired; our client found that she was more and more seen as a dinosaur in her ways of keeping the accounts organised.

The staff who worked under her began to make fun of her and there appeared to be no support from the management in work. She began to feel undermined and she could not get her staff to adhere fully to the instructions that she issued for them. As the directors also viewed her as a throwback to a bygone era; Mrs Deverson felt that due to age discrimination she had no option other than to resign as she was getting no support in work.

I am the victim of age discrimination at work; can I pursue a claim using specialist employmentlawyers at Oakwood to give me advice in the UK?
MrsDeverson gave Oakwood a call after she researched making a claim on the internet. If you are entitled to get workcompensation call Oakwood to see if you can pursue a claim using their specialist age discrimination lawyers to give you advice in the UK on;0844 499 9302.

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