Mrs Jaffrayis compensated after being the victim of age discrimination at work; she used Oakwood as they have many years of experience in making claimsin London.

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Mrs Jaffray found Oakwood on the internet after she had been unfairly treated in work.

Our client worked as a photography assistant for a large photography company. Her work had changed drastically over the years. She had worked for the company for over twenty years. A part-time course was offered in work; our client was the most qualified member of staff to apply. She was told that she was too old to be able to attend the course.

Mrs Jaffray was exceedingly upset; she enjoyed her job and was eager to learn new skills. She found Oakwood on the Internet decided to try to make a claim for the unfair treatment that she had received. I have been the victim of age discrimination at work and I would like to find out from employment solicitors how to go about making a claim in London.

We at Oakwood took on her case on a no win no fee basis; the evening before the employment tribunal her boss agreed to give her compensation.

If Oakwood employment solicitors can help you if you have suffered age discrimination at work and would like to make a claim in London call 0844 499 9302 today.

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