Mr Berry sought advice from Oakwood about his age discrimination no win no fee case in London and got full compensation.

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Mr Berry 66 created a design model working as an architect in London which was used by his company for many years. He had worked there for 32 years and was very proud of his achievements within the company over the years especially the model that he had created which helped economise on design drawings and calculations.

3 years ago the company decided to revamp the design with the notion that obvious progressions with technology would mean a more efficient model. When Mr Berry created the model he signed a contract that indicated if there were to ever be any changes he would be involved in the team that would make the alterations but the company has side-tracked Mr Berry altogether saying that he will be retiring soon. Mr Berry has no intentions of leaving the company. Their response is that his lack of knowledge of the current technological market would slow down processes.

Mr Berry feels extremely betrayed after having supplied the company with such a unique tool throughout the years now to only be let down by opinions about his age.

Has your work place been unfair to you with age discrimination leaving you with a case for no win no fee in London?
Mr Berry got full compensation for his unfair treatment from his long standing employees. If you have any questions about an age discrimination no win no fee case in London call Oakwood’s Team now on: 0844 499 9302.

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