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Aaron Harrison

Junior Cost Draftsman

Aaron Harrison is currently working as a Costs Assistant within the Costs department. He joined Oakwood Solicitors through an apprenticeship as a Business Administrator in the Administration department in 2017. Aaron developed his skills over a year-long period within the Administration department, completing his Business Admin NVQ and earned himself a position as a Costs Assistant…

0113 200 9755


Abbie Keech

Solicitor and Managing Director

Abbie Keech started working at Oakwood Solicitors in 2004 as a Paralegal in the Road Traffic Accident department. Abbie became Head of the department in 2010, becoming a Director and a Solicitor at the same time. She then went on to lead the Clinical Negligence, Employment and Psychological Injury departments. She took over as Managing…

0113 200 9721


Adeela Naz

Paralegal - Psychiatric Injury

Adeela Naz has been with Oakwood Solicitors since 2015. Adeela is a Paralegal working within the Psychiatric Injury department, specialising in Psychiatric Injury claims arising as a result of work-related stress, harassment and excessive workload cases. Adeela has obtained a TQUK Level 2 certificate in Awareness of Mental Health Problems during her time with the…

0113 200 9770


Aimee Fox

Paralegal - Criminal Injury

Aimee Fox joined Oakwood Solicitors in October 2023 as a Paralegal in the Criminal Injury Department. Prior to this, Aimee graduated from Leeds Beckett University with a 1:1 degree in Law with Criminology and has also successfully completed her LPC and LLM Masters of Law. Before starting her role at Oakwood Solicitors Aimee worked in…

0113 200 9737


Alex Singleton

Paralegal - Employers' and Public Liability

Alex Singleton joined Oakwood Solicitors in April 2021 as an experienced Paralegal, having worked in Personal Injury since 2018. Currently, Alex works in the Employers’ Liability and Public Liability department, where she ensures Claimants receive the best outcome in their claim for compensation. Prior to joining Oakwood Solicitors, Alex achieved a law degree from BPP…

0113 200 9743


Alexander Lang

Paralegal - Industrial Disease

Alexander Lang joined Oakwood Solicitors Ltd in August 2022 as a Legal Assistant in the Industrial Disease department. Alex graduated with a 1:1 Law Degree and received a Commendation for his LPC and LLM from the University of Law Leeds Campus. During his LPC and LLM, Alex received a High Distinction for his master’s research…

0113 306 9009


Amirah Mughal

Paralegal - Employment

Amirah Mughal joined Oakwood Solicitors in April 2024 as an Employment Paralegal. Amirah graduated from The University of Law in 2022 with a Law degree and is currently doing her Masters and SQE to qualify as a Solicitor. In her previous firm, Amirah was an Employment Paralegal. However, she also managed a legal helpline and…

0113 200 9942


Arzoo Mamoon

Legal Assistant - Industrial Disease

Arzoo Mamoon joined Oakwood Solicitors in August 2022 as a New Enquiries Handler, where she proficiently dealt with new clients who contacted the law firm seeking legal guidance. She has since progressed to a Legal Assistant in the Industrial Disease department where she specialises effectively in assisting solicitors handle cases, drafting legal documents, reviewing medical…

0113 200 9726


Asimah Ali

Solicitor - Industrial Disease

Asimah Ali is currently a Solicitor in the Industrial Disease Department. Asimah started working at Oakwood Solicitors in October 2016, shortly after completing the Legal Practice Course in July 2016. She initially started as a Legal Assistant in the Psychiatric Injury Department, assisting two solicitors in their workload. Asimah then moved into the Mortgage Litigation…

0113 200 9785


Callum Morton

Paralegal - Psychiatric Injury

Callum Morton started working for Oakwood Solicitors in 2012 as a member of our Administration team. He has since moved on to become a Paralegal in our Psychiatric Injury department, as well as assisting with various other areas of Litigation. Callum has worked within the Psychiatric Injury department for five years, initially vetting and handling incoming…

0113 200 9782


Carol Cook

Head of Department - Medical Negligence

Carol Cook joined Oakwood Solicitors in May 2017 to lead the Medical Negligence Department. Carol handles a wide range of clinical, cosmetic and dental negligence claims and has years of experience handling complex matters, securing substantial amounts of damages for her clients.  

0113 200 9780


Caseymae Sykes

Paralegal - Medical Negligence

Caseymae joined Oakwood Solicitors in July 2022. She started working in the medical negligence department as a Legal Assistant. She has worked her way up in the department and is now working as Paralegal. Casey enjoys working on her files and helping her clients on a daily basis. She hopes to continue working her way…

0113 218 5728


Ceridwen Daly

Solicitor - Psychiatric Injury

Ceridwen Daly is a Solicitor working within the Psychiatric Injury department. She is experienced at handling high-value claims, having specialised in serious Road Traffic Accidents since 2012. Ceridwen is also experienced in dealing with mental health conditions, having specialised in Mental Health Complaints when working as a Case Manager for the Healthcare Commission. She is…

0113 200 9784


Charlotte Bandawe

Solicitor and Head of Wills and Probate

Charlotte Bandawe is our Head of Wills and Probate department, leading a team of three other colleagues. Charlotte is also a member of The Association of Lifetime Lawyers. View her Association For Lifetime Lawyers listing here.   Testimonial for Charlotte

0113 200 9959


Chloe Mason

Paralegal - Industrial Disease

Chloe Mason joined Oakwood Solicitors in November 2023. Chloe graduated from Northumbria University in July 2022 with a 1:1 integrated Master in Law exempting with the Legal Practice Course. This is the first step in her legal career following university and she am hoping to complete a training contract to be able to become a…

0113 218 5702


Christina Taylor

Paralegal and Deputy Head of Wills and Probate

Christina Taylor joined Oakwood in 2023 as Deputy Head of the Wills and Probate Department. Christina has over 20 years’ experience in her previous firm and qualified as a Specialist Paralegal in Wills, Probate and Administration with the UWE Bristol in February 2015.  

0113 200 9729


Danielle Lightfoot

Director, Solicitor and Head of Financial Litigation

Danielle Lightfoot is a Director and our Head of the Financial Litigation Department. Danielle joined the firm as a Paralegal in 2011 and qualified as a solicitor in October 2014. She has acquired extensive experience in high value, complex litigation traversing numerous practice areas. Danielle is a specialist in financial miss-selling matters, with a particular…

0113 200 9740


Elizabeth Strode

Legal Assistant - Road Traffic Accidents

Elizabeth Strode joined Oakwood Solicitors in January 2024 and is a Legal Assistant in the Scottish Road Traffic Accidents Department. Elizabeth has previous experience in commercial litigation and has an undergraduate degree in Law. She is currently studying the Legal Practice Course with Masters at the University of Law in hopes to progress as a…

0113 824 2115


Ella McCarthy

Paralegal - Personal Injury

Ella McCarthy joined Oakwood Solicitors in March 2022 in the Vetting team before quickly progressing onto the role of Paralegal in the Criminal Injury Department. She is currently working with the Employers’ Liability and Public Liability Department and handling new client cases and dealing with Personal Injury matters. Ella graduated from the University of Huddersfield…

0113 200 9769


Emma Piorkowska

Solicitor and Assistant Head of Department - Psychiatric Injury and Employment

Emma Piorkowska joined Oakwood Solicitors in October 2009 and qualified as a Solicitor in September 2013. Emma works in our Psychiatric Injury and Employment departments, specialising in Work-Related Stress claims. She is fully committed to providing her clients with straightforward, practical advice. Emma has extensive experience in Personal Injury, Civil Litigation, Employment Disputes and Civil Discrimination claims.

0113 200 9759


Fiona Almazedi

Solicitor and Head of Employment

Fiona Almazedi has been with Oakwood Solicitors for the last 10 years working as a consultant and taking up the position of Head of Employment on the 3rd January 2024. Fiona has over 20 years of experience in Employment Law both contentious and non-contentious matters. Qualifying as a solicitor in 2006, Fiona has for many…

0113 200 9948


Freddie Saynor

Paralegal - Industrial Disease

Freddie Saynor joined Oakwood Solicitors Ltd in October 2023 as a Paralegal in the Industrial Disease department. Freddie graduated with a 2:1 LLB from The University of Sheffield in July 2021 and then went on to study the LLM at the University of Law Bristol Campus, where he graduated with a distinction grade in 2022.…

0113 824 2109


Gabrielle Henry

Paralegal - Personal Injury

Gabrielle Henry joined Oakwood Solicitors Ltd in September 2021 and is a Paralegal in the Criminal Injury Department. Initially, Gabrielle completed work experience with Oakwood Solicitors within the Clinical Negligence department, however, this progressed into a role in Criminal Injury. Gabrielle now handles Road Traffic Accident and Personal Injury claims. Prior to her role at…

0113 200 9776


Georgia Henshaw

Legal Assistant - Psychiatric Injury

Georgia Henshaw studied Law at Sheffield Hallam University and graduated in 2019 with a 2:1. Since then, Georgia has worked in Personal Injury, Wills and Probate, and is experienced in working on Civil Litigated matters. Georgia will begin studying her SQE in September, as she hopes to qualify as a Solicitor within the firm.  

0113 487 4768


Jade Glover

Solicitor - Medical Negligence

Jade Glover is a Solicitor in the Medical Negligence team. She has worked for the company for over 9 years and completed her training during that time. She has specialised in Personal Injury claims throughout her professional career dealing with both industrial disease and medical negligence claims. Jade now deals with solely medical negligence claims and…

0113 306 9015


Jason Spence

Business Development Executive

Jason Spence joined Oakwood Solicitors in 2022 as a Business Development Executive. He attended Nene University and has worked almost exclusively in customer service and sales throughout is career. Jason was Systems Support Manager and Acting Test Manager at Palmer & Harvey for several years. Outside of work, Jason is an animal lover and enjoys…

0113 200 9734


Jessica Rowson

Director and Head of Psychiatric Injury

Jessica Rowson started as a Paralegal at Oakwood Solicitors in July 2010, qualifying as a Solicitor in September 2013. Following her qualifying as a Solicitor, Jessica established a niche department dealing primarily with Stress at Work claims. She was promoted to Assistant Head of Department in 2014 and took over as Head of Department in 2016,…

0113 200 9779


Jonathan Miles

Legal Assistant - Psychiatric Injury

Jonathan Miles joined Oakwood Solicitors Ltd in August 2022 as a Legal Assistant in the Psychiatric Injury Department. Jonathan graduated with 1:1 Law Degree and received a commendation for his LPC and LLM from the University of Law. Jonathan assists with a wide variety of niche psychiatric claims and aims to qualify as a Solicitor…

0113 200 9756


Jonathan Walton

Solicitor - Psychiatric Injury

Jonathan Walton has been with Oakwood Solicitors since early 2023, bringing 7 years of litigation experience to the team. Having sought a change to a practice area that helped struggling individuals, Jonathan became a Paralegal working within the Psychiatric Injury department. Jonathan completed both his degree and LPC in 2016, and became a fully-qualified Solicitor…

0113 200 9943


Joshua Bickerstaff

Paralegal - Industrial Disease

Joshua Bickerstaff is a fee earning paralegal in our Industrial Disease Department. After graduating from King’s College London, Joshua attended the University of Law in Leeds and completed the Legal Practice Course and MSc in 2018 whilst working in an administrative role at Leeds General Infirmary. Since then, Joshua has accrued a variety of litigation…

0113 200 9752


Kamile Banyte

Marketing Manager

Kamile Banyte joined Oakwood Solicitors in November 2021 as a Digital Marketing Executive. She attended Leeds Trinity University where she was awarded first class BA in Broadcast Journalism. Following her degree she worked in print and radio, before landing a role in a marketing agency where she helped SMEs excel in their business. Kamile is…

0113 306 9010


Karl Skrzypiec

Paralegal - Industrial Disease

Karl Skrzypiec has recently re-joined the Oakwood Solicitors Industrial Disease Department as a Paralegal. Karl originally worked at Oakwood Solicitors between 2016 and 2019 also in the Industrial Disease Department, during which time he completed his LLM/LPC at Leeds Beckett University and became a Cilex Graduate.  

0113 306 9002


Karla Samwell

Head of Administration and New Enquiries

Karla Samwell is Head of our Administration and New Enquiries departments, having worked her way up from secretary to the Employment Department when she first started with the company in 2013. She has experience in many different areas of law but enjoys the role in the Administration department, as it is varied and no two…

0113 200 9747


Katie Bell

Director, Solicitor Advocate and Head of Costs

Katie Bell is a Director, Solicitor, Higher Rights Advocate Civil Proceedings, who is the Head of the Cost Department. Katie has worked for the firm since November 2010, specialising in Cost Litigation since 2015. Katie deals with all areas of Cost Litigation for the firm from start to completion. She has worked in Payment Protection…

0113 200 9775


Katie Whapham

Legal Assistant - Financial Litigation

Katie Whapham is currently working as a legal assistant in the Finance Litigation Department. Initially, Katie was part of the administration and new enquiries team when she joined Oakwood Solicitors in August 2022. In March 2023 Katie joined the Financial Litigation department as a legal assistant. In her day-to-day role Katie has a variety of…

0113 218 5708


Kelly Ruddiman

Junior Cost Draftsmen

Kelly Ruddiman started working for the firm in September 2014 in the Admin Department and moved to the Costs Department to be a Costs Assistant in July 2016. She has developed skills in drafting Bills of Costs, Schedules, Estimates and Statements of Costs. Kelly has also completed a Business Admin Level 3 NVQ and is…

0113 200 9750


Lara Massarella

Legal Assistant - Medical Negligence

Lara Massarella joined Oakwood Solicitors Ltd in October 2022 after doing work experience in the Medical Negligence department, and is now a legal assistant for Medical Negligence. Lara is now in her final year of her undergraduate degree at the University of Leeds studying Law. She hope to keep working my way up within Medical…

0113 824 2114


Laura Barbera

Solicitor - Civil and Financial Litigation

Laura Barbera joined Oakwood Solicitors Ltd as a Solicitor in May 2022. Laura is a dual qualified professional in both the United Kingdom and Spain. Laura comes from a legal and financial services background, having previously dealt with civil litigation matters and financial claims. This experience leaves Laura excellently placed to advise her clients on…

0113 200 9730


Laura White

Paralegal - Psychiatric Injury

Laura White joined Oakwood Solicitors in December 2014 and is a Paralegal in the Psychiatric Injury department. Laura is regularly instructed to act on behalf of claimants, in respect of workplace claims relating to Bullying, Harassment, Sexual Harassment, Assault, Unfair Treatment, Breach of Duty of Care and Excessive Workload. She is committed to assisting her…

0113 200 9748


Liam Hill

Solicitor and Deputy Head of Department - Industrial Disease

Liam Hill is a Solicitor and Deputy Head of the Industrial Disease Team, having trained and qualified at Oakwood Solicitors. Liam joined us in 2013 after successfully completing the Legal Practice Course at the University of Law and having studied Law at Lincoln University. Down-to-earth in his approach to legal advice, he is enthusiastic in ensuring…

0113 306 9025


Louise Campbell

Legal Assistant - Wills and Probate

Louise Campbell joined Oakwood Solicitors in December 2023, and is a Legal Assistant in the Wills and Probate Department. Louise graduated with a 1:1 in Law from Leeds Beckett University with special awards for best performance in both Conveyancing and Civil Litigation. She is currently completing her Legal Practice Course and LLM Masters of Law…

0113 200 9773


Max Bland

Paralegal - Medical Negligence

Max Bland graduated from Liverpool John Moores University in July 2022 with a 2:1. Having previously worked in Financial Mis-selling, he joined Oakwood Solicitors in January 2023 in the Medical Negligence department as a Legal Assistant. Max is now a Paralegal and will be starting his LPC at the University of Law in Leeds in…

0113 200 9771


Megan Bedford

Solicitor - Medical Negligence

Megan Bedford joined Oakwood Solicitors in March 2023 as a Solicitor, having worked in the area of Clinical Negligence since 2017. Megan runs a varied caseload of Clinician and Dental Negligence claims against both the NHS and private individuals. She is fully committed to providing her clients with down to earth legal advice in an…

0113 218 5709


Megan Roberts

Paralegal - Industrial Disease

Megan Roberts studied her undergraduate Law degree at Leeds Beckett University and graduated in 2022. She worked at a debt recovery solicitors firm in Leeds after graduating and then moved to Oakwood Solicitors in October 2023 to work as a Paralegal. Megan intends to continue her legal education and qualify as a Solicitor.  

0113 218 5704


Natasha Hardy

Solicitor and Head of Industrial Disease

Natasha Hardy is a Solicitor and Head of the Industrial Disease Department, specialising in Industrial Disease matters and has experience in handling a wide range of cases including claims for Noise-Induced Hearing Loss & Tinnitus, Hand/Arm Vibration Syndrome & Vibration White Finger, Work Related Upper Limb Disorders, Occupational Dermatitis, Asbestosis, Respiratory & Chest Conditions and…

0113 306 9012


Pariajeet Chahal

Paralegal - Industrial Disease

Pariajeet Chahal joined Oakwood Solicitors Ltd in April 2023 as a Paralegal in the Industrial Disease department. Paria graduated with a 2:1 Law Degree from Leeds Beckett University. Prior to working at Oakwood Solicitors, Paria worked in the debt recovery department at DWF Law where she managed her own case load for Motor Insurance Bureau…

0113 200 9765


Paul McMullan

Deputy Head - Road Traffic Accidents

Paul McMullan is Deputy Head of the Road Traffic Accident Department and joined Oakwood Solicitors in 2010. Paul represents his clients in a wide range of cases, including complex claims and catastrophic injury. His experience in this field ensures that cases are progressed efficiently whilst maintaining a high level of client care. In addition to Road Traffic…

0113 200 9741


Paul Shemwell

Senior Litigator - Personal Injury & Housing Disrepair

Paul Shemwell is a Senior Litigator who specialises in complex and high value cases. Paul has over 20 years vast experience of all areas of Personal Injury Law and has an excellent trial success rate. Paul holds the qualifications LLB (Hons) and ACilex and is employed in the Personal Injury and Housing Disrepair Departments at…

0113 200 9733


Rabina Khaleeq

Paralegal - Industrial Disease

Rabina Khaleeq is a Paralegal in the Industrial Disease Department. Before joining the firm, Rabina worked at Direct Line Group for 8 years as a Claims Handler predominantly dealing with Road Traffic Accidents from the Defendants perspective. During her time as a Claims Handler,  Rabina had her own case load managing claims from the start…

0113 200 9732


Rajan Abdullah

Paralegal - Industrial Disease

Rajan Abdullah is a Paralegal in the Industrial Disease Department, specialising in Industrial Disease matters and now has her own caseloads, mainly Noise-Induced Hearing Loss, Vibration White Finger, and Dermatitis claims. Rajan has previous experience as a paralegal advising clients and to meet their needs. Rajan is passionate about helping her clients and to deliver…

0113 306 9008


Rebecca Gaughan

Paralegal - Criminal Injury

Rebecca Gaughan first joined Oakwood Solicitors in 2017 as an Apprentice in the New Enquiries team. Rebecca has since become a Paralegal and moved departments to join our Criminal Injury team as of January of 2023.  

0113 306 9022


Rob Crompton

Head of Personal Injury

Rob Crompton joined Oakwood Solicitors in July 2007 as a Road Traffic Accident Paralegal Fee Earner. Rob has progressed through the organisation and holds the current position of Head of Personal Injury. Rob quickly proved his ability to deal with Road Traffic Accident Claims efficiently and with an extremely high level of innovation and client care.…

0113 200 9722


Samantha Clegg

Costs Lawyer - Costs

Samantha Clegg completed her law degree and Legal Practice course prior to working as a Law Costs Draftsman at Irwin Mitchell LLP. She qualified as a Costs Lawyer in July 2017 and currently has over 10 years costs litigation experience. Samantha deals with Costs Litigation from the start until completion, preparing Costs Budgets and Bill of…

0113 200 9751


Sarah Hull

Consultant - Family Law

Sarah Hull is a Family Law Consultant. Sarah is adept at understanding and managing difficult issues, involving settlements including High Net Worth Assets, Company Structures, Family-Owned Businesses, Trusts, Bitcoin and Pensions. Sarah acts for clients from all walks of life both regionally and nationally. Her clients value her sympathetic and understanding manner, backed by a…

0113 200 9745


Stacey Middleton

Paralegal - Medical Negligence

Stacey Middleton joined Oakwood Solicitors in January 2024. She graduated with her law degree from the University of Nottingham in 2017. Stacey came to Oakwood Solicitors after gaining five years of legal experience as a Paralegal in the Motor Claims division at DWF Law LLP and as a Complex Litigation Administrator in a team of…

0113 487 0344


Stephanie Gardiner

Paralegal - Financial Litigation Department

Stephanie Gardiner is a Paralegal in the Financial Litigation Department. Stephanie joined Oakwood Solicitors in February 2018 as a new enquiry handler in the New Enquiries Team after completing her Law Degree and graduating from Leeds Beckett University in 2017. In March 2022 Stephanie joined the Financial Litigation Department and now represents a number of…

0113 218 5712


Stephanie Walker

Deputy Head of Department - Financial Litigation

Stephanie Walker joined Oakwood Solicitors in October 2016. Stephanie is Deputy Head of the Finance Litigation Team and works closely with the Head of the Department. In July 2022 Stephanie assumed the role of acting Head of Department to cover a period of maternity leave. Stephanie is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day management of the…

0113 200 9788


Tegan Andrews

Apprentice - Medical Negligence

Tegan joined Oakwood Solicitors in February 2023 as an apprentice in customer service, working in the Medical Negligence team. Tegan enjoys interacting with clients and helping them start the claim process. Tegan is aiming to train as a solicitor with Oakwood Solicitors. In Tegan’s spare time she enjoys her motorsport, she is a registered rally…

0113 200 9763


Tim Driver

Paralegal - Road Traffic Accidents

Tim Driver has been handling Road Traffic Accident (RTA) claims since around 2007, dealing with both English and Scottish cases. Tim strives to settle his clients’ claims on the best terms possible, getting them the maximum compensation as quickly and efficiently as he can.

0113 200 9739


Waqas Ajmal

Paralegal - Psychiatric Injury

Waqas Ajmal joined Oakwood Solicitors Ltd in August 2023 as a Paralegal in the Psychiatric Injury department. After receiving his LLB and further his LPC with Masters from BPP University, Waqas has had experience in working in Road Traffic Accident, Corporate Insurance and Medical negligence claims before joining Oakwood. Waqas also enjoys volunteering in his…

0113 200 9949


Yvette Juniper

Legal Assistant - Medical Negligence

Yvette Juniper has been with Oakwood since December 2022 as a Legal Assistant in the Medical Negligence Department. Having 9 years’ experience working in the Legal Aid Department, she has also worked in Residential Conveyancing for over 18 years as a Secretary and a Fee Earner, and 13 years in Personal Injury as a Legal…

0113 306 9018


Zoe Rosenberg

Legal Assistant - Wills and Probate

Zoe Rosenberg Joined Oakwood Solicitors in 2023, having graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a BA Criminology degree. Zoe previously worked in identity verification and has volunteered as a call handler for Prisoner Family Helpline, and is able to understand difficult situations and always tries to handle them with a caring and empathetic attitude. She…

0113 200 9786


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