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Aaron Harrison

Costs Assistant - Costs

Aaron Harrison is currently working as a Costs Assistant within the Costs department. He joined Oakwood Solicitors through an apprenticeship as a Business Administrator in the Administration department in 2017. Aaron developed his skills over a year-long period within the Administration department, completing his Business Admin NVQ and earned himself a position as a Costs Assistant…

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Abbie Keech

Solicitor and Managing Director

Abbie Keech started working at Oakwood Solicitors in 2004 as a Paralegal in the Road Traffic Accident department. Abbie became Head of the department in 2010, becoming a Director and a Solicitor at the same time. She then went on to lead the Clinical Negligence, Employment and Psychological Injury departments. She took over as Managing…

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Adeela Naz

Paralegal - Psychiatric Injury

Adeela Naz has been with Oakwood Solicitors since 2015. Adeela is a Paralegal working within the Psychiatric Injury department, specialising in Psychiatric Injury claims arising as a result of work-related stress, harassment and excessive workload cases. Last year Adeela obtained a TQUK Level 2 certificate in Awareness of Mental Health Problems.

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Angie Kayles

Administrator - Wills and Probate

Angie Kayles is a Legal Assistant working within the Wills and Probate team. She joined Oakwood Solicitors in March 2014 and has worked her way up from starting out in the Administration team. Angie assists the Wills and Probate solicitors with – amongst other tasks – arranging meetings, witnessing Will signings and dealing with correspondence.…

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Asimah Ali

Paralegal - Industrial Disease

Asimah Ali is currently a Paralegal in the Industrial Disease Department. Asimah started working at Oakwood Solicitors in October 2016, shortly after completing the Legal Practice Course in July 2016. She initially started as a Legal Assistant in the Psychiatric Injury Department, assisting two solicitors in their workload. Asimah then moved into the Mortgage Litigation…

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Ben Palmer

Solicitor and Head of Employment

Ben Palmer is our Head of Employment. He has many years’ post-qualification experience and has dealt with numerous high-value employment law cases. Ben advises directors, trustees, bursars, headteachers and Human Resources managers on all aspects of Employment Law, including TUPE, Restructures, Employee Relations, Contracts, Employee Handbooks, Directors’ Service Agreements and Settlement Agreements. Ben has substantial…

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Beverley Barker

Paralegal - Employers' and Public Liability

Beverley Barker is an experienced Paralegal in our Employers’ and Public Liability Department, having begun her career at Thompsons Solicitors in Sheffield in 1997. She has also worked for Irwin Mitchell, Ison Harrison, Walker Morris and is one of the original members of the Oakwood Solicitors team. Having recently returned to the firm, she also…

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Callum Morton

Paralegal - Psychiatric Injury

Callum Morton started working for Oakwood Solicitors in 2012 as a member of our Administration team. He has since moved on to become a Paralegal in our Psychiatric Injury department, as well as assisting with various other areas of Litigation. Callum has worked within the Psychiatric Injury department for five years, initially vetting and handling incoming…

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Carol Cook

Head of Department - Medical Negligence

Carol Cook joined Oakwood Solicitors in May 2017 to lead the Medical Negligence department. She handles a wide range of Clinical and Dental Negligence claims and has a specialist interest in Birth Injuries. Carol has years of experience in handling complex clinical and Dental Negligence claims securing substantial amounts of damages for her clients. Carol studied her…

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Ceridwen Daly

Litigation Executive - Psychiatric Injury

Ceridwen Daly is a Litigation Executive working within the Psychiatric Injury department. She is experienced at handling high-value claims, having specialised in serious Road Traffic Accidents since 2012. Ceridwen is also experienced in dealing with mental health conditions, having specialised in Mental Health Complaints when working as a Case Manager for the Healthcare Commission. She…

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Charlotte Bandawe

Solicitor and Head of Wills and Probate

Charlotte Bandawe is our Head of Wills and Probate department, leading a team of two other colleagues. She is also our firm’s Dementia Champion, enabling her to train other staff in how best to understand and aid clients and carers living with dementia. Charlotte is also a member of Solicitors For the Elderly (SFE). View…

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Daniel Masterton-Doig

Paralegal - Financial Litigation

Daniel Masterton-Doig is a Paralegal in the Financial Litigation Department and acts on behalf of a number of clients in relation to financial misselling, breach of contract and breach of trust matters. Daniel comes from a financial services background, having previously worked in commercial insurance underwriting, mortgage underwriting and credit insurance broking. This experience leaves Daniel…

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Danielle Lightfoot

Director, Solicitor and Head of Financial Litigation

Danielle Lightfoot is a Director and our Head of the Financial Litigation Department. Danielle joined the firm as a Paralegal in 2011 and qualified as a solicitor in October 2014. She has acquired extensive experience in high value, complex litigation traversing numerous practice areas. Danielle is a specialist in financial miss-selling matters, with a particular…

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Daryl Ross Smith

Paralegal - Criminal Injury

Daryl Ross Smith joined Oakwood Solicitors as a Paralegal in October 2018. Daryl finished his degree in Forensic Science at Northumbria University, before completing the GDL and the LPC LLM at the University of Law in Leeds. Since he began working at Oakwood, he has dealt with a vast array of criminal injury claims ranging from…

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Emma Bell

Solicitor and Head of Employers' and Public Liability

Emma Bell is our Head of Employers’ and Public Liability department, acting for claimants in Personal Injury matters with a mixed caseload of Accidents at Work, trips, slips and a range of other accidents. She deals with serious injuries, resulting in claims for past and future losses, as well as cases which are run through…

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Emma Piorkowska

Solicitor - Psychiatric Injury

Emma Piorkowska joined Oakwood Solicitors in October 2009 and qualified as a Solicitor in September 2013. Emma works in our Psychiatric Injury department, specialising in Work-Related Stress claims. She is fully committed to providing her clients with straightforward, practical advice. Emma has extensive experience in Personal Injury, Civil Litigation, Employment Disputes and Civil Discrimination claims.

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Jade Glover

Solicitor - Medical Negligence

Jade Glover is a Solicitor in the Medical Negligence team. She has worked for the company for over five years and completed her training during that time. Jade has specialised in Personal Injury claims throughout her professional career dealing with both industrial disease and medical negligence claims. Jade now deals with solely medical negligence claims…

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Jessica Rowson

Director and Head of Psychiatric Injury

Jessica Rowson started as a Paralegal at Oakwood Solicitors in July 2010, qualifying as a Solicitor in September 2013. Following her qualifying as a Solicitor, Jessica established a niche department dealing primarily with Stress at Work claims. She was promoted to Assistant Head of Department in 2014 and took over as Head of Department in 2016,…

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Joseph Hilton

Paralegal - Medical Negligence

Joseph Hilton is currently a Paralegal in the Medical Negligence Department. Joseph started working at Oakwood Solicitors Ltd in 2020 and has completed his Law Degree at The Leeds University, along with his LPC and Masters. Joseph has previous experience in dealing with an array of Clinical Negligence matters and Litigated claims. His experience range…

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Junaid Sohail

Trainee Solicitor

Junaid Sohail is a determined and tenacious Paralegal in the Financial Litigation department, who is regularly instructed on a wide range of financial disputes. Junaid read law at the University of Sheffield (2008-2011), where he also achieved the University’s Prestigious Graduate Award. He completed his LPC at Leeds Law School. Before embarking upon a career…

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Karla Samwell

Head of Administration

Karla Samwell is Head of our Administration department, having worked her way up from secretary to the Employment Department when she first started with the company in 2013. She has experience in many different areas of law but enjoys the role in the Administration department, as it is varied and no two days are the…

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Katherine Booth-Law

Solicitor - Wills and Probate

Katherine Booth-Law is a Solicitor working within the Wills and Probate department, having trained and qualified at Oakwood Solicitors. She strives to provide a professional and inclusive service to all her clients, ensuring that their needs are met. As a member of Solicitors for the Elderly and a Dementia Friend, she has a greater understanding…

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Kathryn Stitt

Paralegal - Medical Negligence

Kathryn Stitt is a Paralegal in the Medical Negligence Department. After graduating with a 2.1 LLB Law Degree from the University of Birmingham in the summer of 2016, Kathryn began working at Oakwood Solicitors in November 2016 in the New Enquiries Team. In the following year, she moved into the Medical Negligence department. Kathryn has…

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Katie Bell

Solicitor and Head of Costs

Katie Bell is a Director, Solicitor, Higher Rights Advocate Civil Proceedings, who is the Head of the Cost Department. Katie has worked for the firm since November 2010, specialising in Cost Litigation since 2015. Katie deals with all areas of Cost Litigation for the firm from start to completion. She has worked in Payment Protection…

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Kaye Barnard

Solicitor - Psychiatric Injury

Kaye Barnard has worked for over ten years within the legal industry, gaining extensive experience in both Civil Litigation and Personal Injury claims of varying complexity. She completed her training and qualified as a Solicitor in November 2012. Kaye joined Oakwood Solicitors in June 2015 as a Solicitor in the Psychiatric Injury Department and now…

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Kayleigh Bishop

Paralegal - Employment

Kayleigh Bishop joined our Employment department in January 2019 as a paralegal, having previously worked for a well-known mid-tier regional firm, specialising in Claimant employment law. Since 2017, Kayleigh has had a significant amount of experience in dealing with Employment Tribunal cases focusing on complex Disability Discrimination claims. She has experience in assisting senior solicitors…

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Kelly Ruddiman

Costs Assistant - Costs

Kelly Ruddiman started working for the firm in September 2014 in the Admin Department and moved to the Costs Department to be a Costs Assistant in July 2016. She has developed skills in drafting Bills of Costs, Schedules, Estimates and Statements of Costs. Kelly has also completed a Business Admin Level 3 NVQ and is…

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Laura Staggs

Lead Generator - Marketing

Laura Staggs is the Marketing Team’s New Business Co-ordinator at Oakwood Solicitors. Having qualified from Newcastle University with a Law Degree in 2018, Laura decided to forge a new path in Marketing, increasing our community mindset and also our charitable relations. Laura Joined us in 2018 and is passionate about her role, demonstrating this through…

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Laura Walton

Solicitor - Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Laura Walton is a Solicitor working within the Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution Team having trained and qualified at Oakwood Solicitors. Laura is passionate about helping her clients find the right resolution for them, whether that be by way of Alternative Dispute Resolution and/or proceeding to litigate matters when the parties are unable to amicably…

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Laura White

Paralegal - Psychiatric Injury

Laura White joined Oakwood Solicitors in December 2014 and is a Paralegal in the Psychiatric Injury department. Laura is regularly instructed to act on behalf of claimants, in respect of workplace claims relating to Bullying, Harassment, Sexual Harassment, Assault, Unfair Treatment, Breach of Duty of Care and Excessive Workload. She is committed to assisting her…

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Lauren Heppell

Solicitor - Medical Negligence

Lauren Heppell has worked at Oakwood Solicitors Ltd since January 2013, graduating from university with a 2.1 LLB Law Degree with Honours and her LPC qualification. She started as a Paralegal with Oakwood Solicitors Ltd and qualified as a Solicitor in April 2016. She has specialised in Personal Injury claims throughout her professional career dealing…

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Liam Hill

Solicitor - Industrial Disease

Liam Hill is a Solicitor working within the Industrial Disease Team, having trained and qualified at Oakwood Solicitors. Liam joined us in 2013 after successfully completing the Legal Practice Course at the University of Law and having studied Law at Lincoln University. Down-to-earth in his approach to legal advice, he is enthusiastic in ensuring the Claimants…

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Lottie Walker

Legal Executive - Industrial Disease

Lottie Walker joined Oakwood Solicitors Ltd in March 2020. She is very experienced in the field of Industrial Disease claims after acting for defendants from 2009, before making the move to represent claimants in 2018. She has therefore gained experience on both sides of a claim and has found her home acting for the suffering/injured…

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Manita Birdi

Solicitor - Psychiatric Injury

Manita Birdi started at Oakwood Solicitors as a newly-qualified Solicitor in October 2018, working in our Psychiatric Injury department. She has over three years’ experience in Personal Injury, Road Traffic Accidents (RTA), Employers’ and Public Liability and now Psychiatric Injury claims.

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Mia Cecchini

Paralegal - Employment

Mia Cecchini has been working at Oakwood Solicitors Limited as a Commercial Paralegal in the Employment Department since June 2018. Having previously worked at a Trade Union firm advising on a wide range of Employment matters, Mia has great perspective and insight into resolving disputes between Employer and employee. This allows her to provide well…

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Natalie Ball

Paralegal - Employers' and Public Liability

Natalie Ball is a Paralegal in our Employers’ and Public Liability (EL/PL) Department. Natalie started at Oakwood Solicitors in September 2019. She deals with a mixed caseload of Accidents at Work, trips, slips and a range of other accidents. Most of her cases are run via the Claims Portal. She has previously worked for a…

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Natasha Golding

Trainee Solicitor - Employers' and Public Liability

Natasha Golding has been at Oakwood Solicitors since February 2016, and has over seven years’ experience within the legal industry. She has conducted claims both in and out of the Portal, and also those which have subsequently been litigated. In this period, she has managed to obtain compensation for numerous satisfied clients to help aid…

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Natasha Hardy

Solicitor and Assistant Head of Industrial Disease

Natasha Hardy is a Solicitor specialising in Industrial Disease matters and has experience in handling a wide range of cases including claims for Noise-Induced Hearing Loss & Tinnitus, Hand/Arm Vibration Syndrome & Vibration White Finger, Work Related Upper Limb Disorders, Occupational Dermatitis, Asbestosis, Respiratory & Chest Conditions and Lung Disease. Natasha acts on behalf of…

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Paul McMullan

Deputy Head of Road Traffic Accidents

Paul McMullan is Deputy Head of the Road Traffic Accident Department and joined Oakwood Solicitors in 2010. Paul represents his clients in a wide range of cases, including complex claims and catastrophic injury. His experience in this field ensures that cases are progressed efficiently whilst maintaining a high level of client care. In addition to…

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Paul Shemwell

Senior Litigator - Road Traffic Accidents

Paul Shemwell is a Senior Litigator who specialises in complex and high-value cases. He has vast experience of all areas of Personal Injury law and has an excellent trial success rate. Paul holds the qualifications LLB (Hons) and ACilex and is employed in the Road Traffic Accidents (RTA) department at Oakwood Solicitors. He has a…

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Rachel Ellis

Solicitor - Employers' and Public Liability

Rachel Ellis is a Solicitor working within the Employers’ and Public Liability department, having also previously worked within the firm’s Road Traffic Accidents (RTA) department. Rachel has several years’ experience working with Employers’ and Public Liability, RTA, Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) and Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) claims. Rachel has knowledge of all stages of personal…

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Rachel Lumsden

Medical Negligence Assistant

Rachel graduated from Leeds Beckett University in 2017 with a 2:1 Law Degree, along with the Oxford University Publishing Prize for International Human Rights. Rachel joined Oakwood Solicitors Ltd in September 2017 in the New Enquiries Team shortly after graduating from University. Rachel has since moved to the Medical Negligence Department, where she deals with…

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Rob Crompton

Head of Personal Injury

Rob Crompton joined Oakwood Solicitors in July 2007 as a Road Traffic Accident Paralegal Fee Earner. Rob has progressed through the organisation and holds the current position of Head of Personal Injury. Rob quickly proved his ability to deal with Road Traffic Accident Claims efficiently and with an extremely high level of innovation and client care.…

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Saima Malik

Solicitor and Assistant Head of Employers' & Public Liability

Saima Malik is a Solicitor & Assistant Head of Department in the Employers’ & Public Liability Department. Saima has a wealth of experience, having trained and qualified at Oakwood Solicitors. She assists clients for Personal Injury claims from the initial enquiry up to trial where necessary, covering a wide range of accidents at work and…

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Samantha Clegg

Costs Lawyer - Costs

Samantha Clegg completed her law degree and Legal Practice course prior to working as a Law Costs Draftsman at Irwin Mitchell LLP. She amassed four years’ experience before qualifying as a Costs Lawyer in July 2017. Samantha deals with Costs Litigation from the start until completion, preparing Costs Budgets and Bill of Costs, dealing with…

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Sara Montgomery

Paralegal - Medical Negligence

Sara Montgomery graduated from Leeds Beckett University in 2017 with a 2:1 Law Degree. She started working in the New Enquiries team at Oakwood Solicitors in April 2017, during her final year of studies. Sara has been in the Clinical Negligence Department since May 2018 where she is currently handling Medical and Dental Negligence claims.

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Sarah Hull

Consultant - Family Law

Sarah Hull is a Family Law Consultant. Sarah is adept at understanding and managing difficult issues, involving settlements including High Net Worth Assets, Company Structures, Family-Owned Businesses, Trusts, Bitcoin and Pensions. Sarah acts for clients from all walks of life both regionally and nationally. Her clients value her sympathetic and understanding manner, backed by a…

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Tim Driver

Paralegal - Road Traffic Accidents

Tim Driver has been handling Road Traffic Accident (RTA) claims since around 2007, dealing with both English and Scottish cases. Tim strives to settle his clients’ claims on the best terms possible, getting them the maximum compensation as quickly and efficiently as he can.

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Tim Fieldhouse

Solicitor and Head of Industrial Disease

Tim Fieldhouse is a Solicitor and Head of our Industrial Disease department. Tim qualified as a Solicitor in 2005 having trained at national law firm Thompsons solicitors. With experience in all areas of Personal Injury law, Tim has assisted many people suffering from irreversible hearing loss, hand symptoms and other illnesses that have developed as…

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