Amazon pulls hoverboards over safety fears

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Every parent wants to make sure they give their children a Christmas to remember, but for those children awaiting one of the ‘must have’ hoverboards this year, their Christmas to remember might be for all the wrong reasons.

In recent news we hear that Amazon, the giant online retailer, has pulled the hoverboards (self-balancing scooters) from retail due to growing fears over safety, the boards have also disappeared from other retailers’ shelves and sites, and the problems for manufacturers of these items do not stop there as some airlines have banned the boards from planes.

It appears that some substandard batteries have found their way into some of the hoverboards which has caused them to overheat, and in some circumstances caused the batteries to explode causing devastation in homes and posing a big risk to life.

Many of the batteries that have acted this way are from the cheaper models imported from China; although identifying the products may not be easy as some UK and US companies are taking the imports and rebranding them.

Boarder agencies have deemed unsafe and seized 15,000 of some 17,000 hoverboards imported over recent weeks.

Amazon (and some other retailers) have asked companies to prove the safety standards of their products. Although no specific brands and/or manufactures have been named as yet, parents should take extreme caution with the products.

We would also like to remind readers and owners for hoverboards that they are illegal for use on UK roads and pavements.

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