We can help you claim ankle injury at work compensation if you have been involved in an accident at work that was not your fault; the experts at Oakwood Solicitors in Leeds have been claiming compensation on behalf of clients for over ten years.

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Accidents happen at work on a daily basis. In the UK over two million working days are lost each year due to accidents that happen in the workplace. The most common types of accident that happen in the workplace are due to slips trips and falls; this is how a lot of ankle injuries are sustained. All employers must take responsibility for the health and safety in the workplace if they want to reduce the number of working days that are lost in their business each year due to avoidable accidents.

You are entitled to claim compensation if you can prove that your accident was someone else’s fault. It could be the fault of your employer a fellow employee or even another company which is based at your place of work. As long as there is a clear case of third party negligence you can make a claim

The main eligible claims for accidents at work which might result in injuries are:
? Unsuitable or damaged equipment
? An unsafe system of work
? Dangerous working practices
? Contact with dangerous materials
? Poor health and safety

You may be entitled to claim ankle injury at work compensation if you have had an accident at work that was not your fault; the solicitors at Oakwood in Leeds will usually be able to tell you over the phone if you have a valid claim for compensation. Do not leave it too late to make a claim for compensation. There are very strict time limits in place regarding making a claim for compensation. The time limits depend on the type of claim you are making.

Mrs S made a claim for compensation successfully following her accident at work. Mrs S made a claim within the correct time limit after she slipped on ice in the car park at work. Compensation is awarded for pain suffering and loss of amenity. Loss of amenity covers things such as not being able to continue a hobby continue a chosen career or carry out domestic tasks.

Special damages can include part of your claim for example lost wages travelling expenses (e.g. for attending medical appointments) prescriptions private medical treatment the cost of repairing or replacing damaged property (including your car) the cost of private care or the equivalent value of care given by family members. This part of your claim can run into £1000s if you have been unable to go to work.

To find out if your claim for ankle injury at work compensation is still valid speak to a solicitor at Oakwood in Leeds today on: 0844 499 9302.

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