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Historically apprentices have been favoured in the “trade professions” with on-the-job training giving rise to gaining all knowledge of the role from the employer whilst developing skills of a “Masters Apprentice”.

Often this style of apprenticeship results in unpaid work – until such a time that the apprentice training (both classroom and practical) have been completed.

However, with the inception of Government reforms in the apprentice programme, coupled with rising University fees for school leavers; the determination to learn skills falls outside of the classroom and the chance to earn a wage even more so. We now find that more and more people are turning towards an Apprenticeship Scheme.

The more traditional transition from finishing GCSE’s, completing A Level and moving away to University has become less and less popular with students; realising that they can learn the skills required for a successful career, “on the job” as it were. The benefit of this remains that they have experienced professionals guiding them.

There are advantages in both – for the apprentice (of any age) and the employer.

For the Apprentice – they are developing and learning transferable skills which will lead to them becoming qualified sooner rather than later, AND in the field of their choice. This gives them the opportunity to gain knowledge of the working environment that cannot always be taught, but also (and more importantly) the qualifications to assist them throughout their chosen career.

For the employer – there are no recruitment costs and the training is tailor made and geared towards the individual’s development. There is also a greater sense of productivity to the apprentice and the feeling that finally, the employer is contributing back to the community.

Here at Oakwood Solicitors we have recently partnered up with an official apprentice service provider in order to open up training positions across all of our departments.

We welcome applicants from all ages and backgrounds whether that be from school or people choosing to move onto a different career path.

We have, in the past few weeks, successfully placed two candidates within days of each other in our firm. They are completing their training at an impressive rate. They are showing already that an apprentice can be an asset to any company.

This week is National Apprenticeship week and here at Oakwood we are proud to raise awareness of what we feel is a powerful learning plateau.

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