Are you claiming for your delayed or cancelled flight?

 In Delayed or Cancelled Flights

We wouldn’t be surprised if you weren’t as it seems that over half a million (550,000) of us fail to claim compensation from the airlines when we have flights cancelled or delayed.

Which? agrees with our findings too. They estimate that 900,000 Britons are eligible to claim but that a relatively small percentage actually do, even though you have six years after the delay or cancellation in which to claim your compensation.

The problem

We believe it’s simply because of the lack of knowledge about the ability to claim compensation and also that the rules laid down by the Denied Boarding Regulation (following a ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union in October 2012) are fairly complex.   But you can claim money back if:

  • You depart from or arrive into a European Airport
  • Your delayed flight of over 2 hours, you have a legal right to compensation
  • If your flight is cancelled you have an automatic right to compensation.

The actual compensation you can receive depends on numerous factors like the actual delayed time, the time you arrive at your destination airport etc., and starts with simple things the airline can do like providing meals, refreshments, phone calls and access to emails.

Not only denied boarding!

Despite the title of the Regulation, its impact is wider than just denied boarding, as it also covers cancellations and delays.   You can also get compensation for denied boarding due to overbooked flights too.

Difficulty claiming

As well as the complex rules, there is also an issue that many airlines are still refusing to pay out compensation, that’s where the legal experts at Oakwood Solicitors can help. Where many individual will try to understand the rules or give up because claiming is too difficult, or where airlines have initially refused compensation if they believe that there is a small chance that they aren’t responsible or they simply believe that they can get away with refusing a claim on spurious details.

Let Oakwood Solicitors help you

We will fight for your legal right to compensation; where there is a valid claim, no airline has refused our requests for compensation on behalf of clients.

For more information on claiming compensation for delated and cancelled flights check out our dedicated flight pages, to claim either call us on 0844 499 9302 email us at or complete our short form here.

You don’t even need to know your flight details, we will sort out all that for you.

Claim now, it is your legal right

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