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Beaufort Securities

Have you lost money?

  • Solicitors firm with over 20 years’ experience
  • No-Win, No-Fee
  • No upfront cost
  • We charge only 30% +VAT for a successful claim
  • £15 million recovered for clients since 2019
  • Free initial consultation
  • Claims can be made on behalf of clients who have had previously rejected cases

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    £7,000 Investment Claim

    One of the most professional solicitors I have come across in the recent past. Oakwood Solicitors handled everything with absolute ease, and I received the sum in less than 2 weeks since I submitted the form. A very pleasant experience. Thanks.

    - V. Gatne

    A good reliable Solicitor

    Extremely reassuring about the whole process and thoroughly explained everything to me at every stage. The company's approach I found was most efficient. I can recommend Oakwood Solicitors as the outcome for me was fast and hassle-free.

    - R. Clevett

    Great to deal with

    Kept me informed throughout, am very happy with the whole process and the funds they got back for me, definitely a 5 Star rating. I will definitely use their services again in future.

    - Singh

    I was so pleased

    I had the best experience from Oakwood Solicitors where they helped me get big compensation from FSCS. Not only that, just within 4 days' time of literally submitting the claim, I received the amount in my account.

    - N. Shah

    calendar money

    £15 million

    recovered by Oakwood Solicitors for clients since 2019

    hand coins money

    £26.5 billion

    paid out by the FSCS to 6.5 million customers of failed financial firms

    suitcase briefcase coins money

    £471 million

    in compensation claims estimated by the FSCS in 2023/2024

    The experts in Financial Litigation claims

    Oakwood Solicitors Ltd specialises in Financial mis-selling claims. We have a Financial Litigation team dedicated to assisting clients who have lost money as a consequence of negligent advice in relation to a financial product, such as a pension or an investment.

    What is a SIPP?

    Self Investment Personal Pensions or SIPPs, as they are more commonly known, are ‘do-it-yourself’ pensions that are designed for experienced or sophisticated investors who want greater control over their pension and a greater degree of flexibility in the types of investments that their pension makes.

    How do I know if I’ve been mis-sold a SIPP?

    It is important to note that not all SIPPs are mis-sold. If you are unsure if you were mis-sold a SIPP then check out the common mis-selling features below.

    It is likely that you were mis-sold a SIPP if you:

    magnifying glass

    Were not given the full cost breakdown for management fees or additional costs attached to the investment

    shield coins

    Invested without fully receiving an explanation of the risks including the potential to lose your pension

    phone coins

    Were cold-called by a 3rd party company

    house clock coins

    Had been told your investment would grow considerably and would provide a large return

    hand coins

    Were pressured into acting quickly or because you were told you would risk losing out

    nest egg £

    Were told that you could take a large lump sum of cash out of your pension or access the pension before your retirement age

    What went wrong with Beaufort Securities?

    Beaufort worked with the SIPP provider Gaudi Regulated Services Limited to offer what was called the ‘’Beaufort SIPP’’.

    The problems with Beaufort Securities started in 2016 when the FCA places restrictions on the company, limiting the activities they could carry out. At the time they had in excess of £800m in client assets.

    The FCA declared Beaufort Securities Limited and sister company Beaufort Asset Clearing Services Limited insolvent in 2018. This was shortly after the US Department of Justice brought criminal charges against the company for its alleged involvement in securities fraud and money laundering, including the alleged illegal sale of a Picasso painting to an undercover Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent.

    What are my options?

    If you received advice from Beaufort Securities to transfer your pension into an investment that has lost money then you are likely to have a viable claim.

    We will complete a free review of your case to advise if it is something we can assist with. If we can assist we will offer a no-win, no-fee agreement.

    Why should I use a solicitor?

    Pensions are complex. To be able to identify a problem with your pension, first of all you have to know what you are looking for. Once you have identified the issue, you then need to be able to articulate the problem with reference to any legal or regulatory frameworks.

    By using a solicitor who is a specialist in pension mis-selling you will ensure that you put your best case forward and maximise your chance of success.

    We have seen numerous cases in the past where mis-selling victims have pursued a legitimate claim themselves, only to have it turned down due to a technicality or because key grounds have not been particularised.

    You have a higher chance of success by working with a Solicitor, who will ensure that there are no technical grounds for turning down your claim and put you in the best possible position to receive what you are owed.

    Why choose Oakwood Solicitors Ltd?

    We are a Regulated firm of Solicitors with over 15 years’ experience in financial mis-selling claims

    We have successfully recovered in excess of £1.6 Million in the last 12 months

    We operate on a guaranteed No-Win, No-Fee basis. If successful we charge 30% plus VAT of the award of compensation

    Our charges are some of the lowest in the market when compared with other Solicitors and Claims Management Companies (CMC’s)

    We take the hassle out of the claims process as we do all the hard work for you. We will complete all the necessary paperwork and obtain all the required documentation to support your claim

    You will be allocated your own experienced pension claims handler who will keep you fully informed throughout the whole process

    Frequently Asked Questions

    I have previously made a claim against Beaufort Securities that was rejected. Can I make another claim?

    Yes. Please contact Oakwood Solicitors on 0113 200 9787 and we can discuss your options further with you.

    We are aware that a number of Beaufort Securities clients have attempted to make a claim to the FSCS but have had their claim incorrectly rejected. We are confident that we can re-submit this claim, raising new legal arguments and achieve a successful outcome.

    As Beaufort Securities are in liquidation all claims will now be submitted to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (“FSCS”). If you have previously made a claim directly to Beaufort Securities, then any further claim will now be made to the FSCS. If you have already submitted an FSCS claim and have received a decision from the FSCS rejecting your claim, then Oakwood Solicitors can have this decision over-turned.

    Oakwood Solicitors has successfully appealed previously rejected claims against Beaufort Securities and have achieved a financial settlement for our clients.

    How long does a claim take?

    There are a number of features that will impact how long a claim may take to conclude. These include the complexity of the case, whether the claim is against an active adviser, the Financial Ombudsman or the FSCS, and whether liability is admitted or denied.

    If liability is admitted, then the claim process is much shorter, and we would expect a claim to be concluded within 3-6 months. Alternatively, if liability is denied and the claim must be issued at court then the claim can take between 12-18 months depending on the availability of the court.

    If the claim is been made against the FSCS then we would expect the claim to be concluded within 6 months.

    As each case is unique it is difficult to provide a generic timeframe for conclusion of the claim however Oakwood Solicitors will give you an indication of how long your claim is likely to take to conclude as part of our initial review.

    How much will a claim cost?

    We operate on a Damages Based Agreement (“DBA”) more commonly known as a ‘no-win, no-fee’ agreement. If we fail to secure you a settlement, you will not be charged. If we successfully recover compensation, then our charges are 30% plus VAT of any compensation payment. These charges will be deducted from the compensation payment at the end of the claim process.

    How much compensation will I receive?

    We cannot provide an exact figure for how much compensation you will receive until we understand more about your claim.

    The general purpose of a claim is to put you back in the position you would have been in, had you not received the negligent pension advice.

    As your claim will probably be against the FSCS then the compensation cap is £50,000.00 per person, per advisor.

    What do I do now?

    Provide us with some information about your pension transfer and we will advise you if you have a viable claim. There is absolutely no obligation to proceed. You can provide information or get in touch by:

    danielle staff block silhouette
    Danielle Lightfoot — Solicitor and Head of Department

    Danielle joined the firm as a Paralegal in 2011 and qualified as a solicitor in October 2014. She has acquired extensive experience in high value, complex litigation traversing numerous practice areas.

    Danielle is a specialist in financial mis-selling matters with a particular interest in pensions and investments.

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