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Breach of Contract and
Unlawful Deduction of Wages

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The Experts in Employment Law matters

Oakwood Solicitors Ltd has a dedicated team of leading Employment Law solicitors and support staff, helping clients nationwide. We are able to offer expert advice on all potential claims you may have against you, in both Employment Tribunals and the Civil Courts.

What is an Employment Contract?

An employment contract is an important document provided by employer to employee which sets out and covers the terms governing the relationship between both parties during and often after the period of employment has come to an end.

As both parties are equally responsible for ensuring their compliance with the contractual terms, it is important that those terms are not breached as, to do so would potentially give rise to a breach of contract claim. It sets out the express terms agreed between the parties (such as salary, working location, working hours etc) but also contains certain implied clauses (such as the implied term of mutual trust and confidence).

It is therefore crucial for an employer to give careful thought to the terms set out in the contract as once sent and signed by both parties, these terms will be binding. If you need help drafting Contracts of Employment our team of experts are able to provide a fast and efficient service in drafting these documents – call us today on 0113 200 9948 to speak to our specialists Employment Lawyers.

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What is a Breach of Contract?

An employer may be subjected to a breach of contract claim if they fail to uphold a term of the contractual agreement such as, paying an employee’s wages on a particular date.

Failure to pay an employee’s wages in part or in full can result in both a breach of contract claim and an unlawful deduction of wages claim.

If you have been subjected to a complaint for breach of contract and/or unlawful deduction of wages it is essential that you seek legal advice to help you properly understand your position and if required, help you defend any complaint. Speak to our team of specialist advisors today on 0113 200 9948 to find out how we can help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An employee has submitted a grievance against the business for breach of contract. What should I do?

You must deal with the grievance promptly and properly as, failure to do so could give rise to a more costly complaint such as an Employment Tribunal claim.

Our Employment Department are experts at assisting businesses navigate tricky grievance matters.

I have been contacted by ACAS in relation to a complaint of breach of contract. What should I do?

You must respond to ACAS as soon as possible setting out your position in relation to the allegations of breach of contract.

The ACAS early conciliation process is often short (a matter of weeks, if not less) and if the ACAS complaint is dealt with efficiently, you can avoid being subjected to Employment Tribunal proceedings.

Our team of experts can deal with the ACAS early conciliation process on your behalf and can assist you in setting out your position properly so as to avoid having to defend an Employment Tribunal claim.

I have received an ET1 (claim form) from the Employment Tribunal. What should I do?

Our team can assist you in complying with any tribunal directions and in submitting the response form (ET3), which needs to be submitted within 28 days of receiving the ET1 claim form.

Why should I choose Oakwood Solicitors Ltd?

You will have a dedicated advisor who will see your claim through from start to finish, assisting you in the event of any queries or issues you may have.

Your case handler will also continue to provide regular updates until the conclusion of your claim, ensuring the process is as stress-free and effortless as possible.

Great service!

The service we received from Oakwood was fantastic. Prompt, clear and thorough. We won’t hesitate to use them again. Thank you.

- Julian C.

Fast and Professional Service

Fast, Professional Service. Would use Oakwood Solicitors again. Responded quickly to emails and calls.

- Client

Ian Abel
Ian Abel - Solicitor and Head of Department
Ian Abel is a solicitor and qualified in February 2009. He specialises in and deals exclusively with Employment Law. Ian has a unique skillset that allows him to provide commercial and pragmatic advice, primarily focusing on the impact this has on the day to day operations of a business. His particular specialisms include large scale restructuring exercises and the Employment Law-related elements of TUPE associated with acquisitions and mergers.

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