Mrs Johansson is flabbergasted at the speed with which her bullying at work compensation is paid to her; Oakwoods team of lawyers worked hard to settle her claim speedily.

 In Stress At Work - Case Study

Mrs Johansson had worked in sales for several years. Her manager was promoted and she got a new line manager. Her new line manager seemed to dislike our client instantaneously.

She was constantly called at home to relay her daily figures to him despite having followed the correct procedure in emailing the figures to him. These daily phone conversations were when the line manager would sometimes be very abusive. Our client suspected that alcohol was involved frequently. She told him that she would be recording the phone calls and he then started to give her verbal warnings for under-performing.

Mrs Johansson took time off ill due to stress but when she went back to work her manager was much worse. She felt forced to resign for the sake of her health.

I have been the victim of bullying at work am I entitled to make a compensation claim for loss of earnings if I get advice from lawyers? Oakwood were able to broker an out of court settlement on her behalf. She has agreed references with her old employer as part of the negotiation process.

Call Oakwood if like Mrs Johansson you have been the victim of bullying at work and you deserve compensation on: 0844 499 9302 to speak to our helpful team of lawyers.

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