Mr Hasley got compensation for his bullying at work no win no fee claim in London through seeking advice from Oakwood.

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Mr Hasley was employed as a delivery driver for a nationwide courier company which he joined 5 years ago. Mr Hasley lives a quiet life with his male partner and prefers to keep his private life separate until it became common knowledge at work about his personal circumstances.

This resulted in the onset of a bullying scheme by various other drivers that would use their radios to conduct offensive and suggestive conversations which they knew Mr Hasley could hear on his own radio changing names on rotas and delivery instructions in an offensive fashion and other such inappropriate occurrences.

Mr Hasley had no one to turn to and suffered in silence as his regional manager was often part of the bullying so without a fuss Mr Hasley decided the best thing to do would be to find another job and start again.

?I felt I had no other option but because things had got so bad I wanted to leave as soon as possible. I contacted Oakwood about bullying in work no win no fee claims in London and got the support I needed?.

If you have any questions about a case for bullying at work no win no fee in London call the Oakwood’s team now on: 0844 499 9302.

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