Mr Hitchens (London) suffers severe bullying at work

 In Stress At Work - Case Study

Mr Hitchens worked as a computer applications assistant. He worked for the applications manager in a small team of 6 staff.

His manager was signed off work due to stress. Another staff member was promoted to the role of manager. His new manager had never liked our client as Mr Hitchens is homosexual. The manager used to make very personal comments and our client eventually went to the HR department in work. From that point the number of personal attacks increased almost to a daily occurrence.

Mr Hitchens started to stammer it was an affliction he thought he had outgrown. He went to his GP who signed him off work due to stress. He wrote a letter to the HR department of his employer explaining his absence and airing his grievances.

To his astonishment he heard nothing more from the HR department and he was told by his manager that he was being dismissed.

We were able to broker a deal which got Mr Hitchens 3 times the initial proposed settlement figure; we were also able to have some input into his reference for future use.

If you feel that you can claim because of bullying at work call Oakwood today to find out if you could be entitled to compensation on 0844 499 9302.

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