Mrs Dufaire was the victim of bullying in the workplace; she asked for employment advice from employment lawyers Oakwood in the UK.

 In Stress At Work - Case Study

Mrs Dufairewas a telesales manager in a call centre. She had been the top manager based on revenue generation several times over the 3 years she had worked for the company. She lost 2 accounts in a short space of time and her manager would belittle her in meetings.

She received lots of calls and emails using bullying tactics and she began to suffer panic attacks whenever she saw the call centre manager. Mrs Dufaire walked out after she was shouted at in front of the rest of her staff.

I have been the victim ofbullying in the workplace; can I get employment advice from employment lawyers in the UK?
Mrs Dufairesaid that ?Oakwoodhave been so wonderful; there is nothing more that they could have done to make the process any easier.? If Oakwood can help you after you have been the victim of bullying in the workplace call:0844 499 9302 today to get help from our employment lawyers with making a claimin the UK.

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