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Business Law – Solicitors; Would you like to speak to a highly skilled and dedicated expert who has a great deal of knowledge surrounding business law in Doncaster or anywhere else in the country?

Then the experts at Oakwood Solicitors are waiting to hear from you. If you?re in need of any form of advice surrounding commercial law whether this be help with drafting contracts providing up-to-date legislation your employee handbooks or advising you on what action to take if an employment claim is being made against you.

The legislation surrounding employer’s rights is incredibly complex and it is understandable that it is not possible for you as an employer to keep up-to-date with every amendment that is made. The experts at Oakwood Solicitors have an extensive knowledge of employment law and employment legislation and will be able to help you by:

? drafting employee handbooks
? writing contracts
? advise employers on the best course of action to take with regard to employment tribunal’s
? advise on the correct policies and procedures to enforce

The legal experts at Oakwood Solicitors have extensive knowledge of employment law and cover many different areas in the hopes of achieving a resolution for their clients. They are able to advise employers on how to manage and resolve problems both independently and through mediation.

Can I get the assistance of the business law experts to help advise me on the best course of action to take with regards to an issue I have with a member of staff in Doncaster?

Oakwood Solicitors has a dedicated team of employment lawyers who have experience of dealing with high-profile litigation work will be able to offer you the best legal representation and highest level of care and dedication that you would come to expect from such a company.

It may be that you feel that one of your employees is in breach of contract and you would like further information about how to proceed. It states on the ACAS website that’s a contract of employment is a written agreement between the employer and the employee which includes details such as pay holidays working hours and employee entitlements. It can be distressing for an employer if an employee is in breach of contract and it is often thought that taking an employee to Court is a timely and costly process that is best avoided.

However if you feel that your employee is not acted within the expressed guidelines of the contract then it is important to understand your rights as an employer and what action you can take against that employee. This can all be done in a simple and straightforward way by contacting the experts at Oakwood Solicitors.

So if you would like further advice about any aspect of business law then contact the highly skilled and dedicated experts at Oakwood Solicitors on 0113 200 9720to discuss the details of your situation and find out if they can help whether your business is based in Doncaster or anywhere else in the country.


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