The Oakwood Solicitors Cost Team has been established since 2014. The Department has gone from strength to strength handling a vast range of litigated matters to successful completions. The team specialises in costs, with a wealth of knowledge to ensure profitable and efficient settlements.

The world of costs is ever changing, and in this demanding time with reforms looking to cut recoverability of costs even further it is essential that the correct skills and experience are used to maximise cost recovery and profitability.

The Cost team ensures our clients receive the best and most competent service throughout. This is achieved by:

  • Regular and detailed communication with the client.
  • A vast knowledge and understanding of costs.
  • A friendly, approachable team who are always available.
  • A passionate and dedicated team which strives to provide the best results for our clients.
  • Detailed reporting systems that track client files and provide risk assessments and bottom line figures.
  • Ensuring the best recoverability of costs possible, considering all risks of cost litigation are effectively dealt with in a timely turnaround.

The department ensures its knowledge on the changes to cost litigation is first rate, continually developing to guarantee full and competent legal knowledge on all areas of costs.

Expertise and Services

  • Drafting Bills
  • Drafting Schedules of Costs
  • Drafting Estimates of Cost
  • Drafting Statements of Costs for Summary Assessment
  • Drafting Precedent H documents
  • Drafting Precedent Rs
  • Negotiating Adverse Costs
  • Drafting Points of Dispute and Points in Response
  • Negotiating costs
  • Conduct Part 8 Cost Proceedings
  • Progress a cost file from Drafting the Bill through to Provisional and/or Detailed Assessment.
  • Advocacy

The Team can attack most cost-related issues for you at very competitive prices. Free initial consultations are available to ensure we determine the correct service for you and how to efficiently provide the same. The Head of Costs, Katie Bell, is a Solicitor Higher Rights Advocate (Civil Proceedings), who can conduct any civil cost litigation required and provide detailed advice on any element of cost litigation.

The full service can be provided, from drafting the Bill right through to attending the Detailed Assessment Hearing.

Our team also has a wealth of knowledge on all fixed-cost reforms and how to ensure maximum costs are recovered. The Part 8 claims run by the Department to recover fixed costs and disbursements are highly successful and ensure full recovery of your costs. Consideration for a Part 8 claim is free, and the charge for the service if the claim is taken on is recoverable from your opponent.

If you feel you may need the assistance of our Cost team please do not hesitate to contact Katie Bell on her direct number, 0113 200 9775, or by email at

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Meet The Employment Team

  • Samantha Clegg
    Samantha Clegg
  • Kelly Ruddiman Costs Administrator

    Department: Costs

  • Katie Bell Head of Costs/ Solicitor Higher Rights Advocate

    Department: Costs

  • Aaron Harrison
    Aaron Harrison


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