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We understand that ‘cash flow is king’ and that bad debtors have a negative effect on businesses and need to be dealt with promptly to further the success of our client’s businesses.


Debt Recovery and Credit Control can include a range of services from simply invoicing chasing through to contentious Court proceedings and insolvency processes. We can guide you in that process whilst ensuring that you do not ‘throw good money after bad’.


How We Can Help

Oakwood Solicitors offers a range of credit control and debt recovery packages tailored to the needs of your business. We really get to know the needs of our clients and we tailor our services to fit their business aims.

We understand, for instance, that you may need to balance the need to have invoices paid whilst also wanting to avoid damaging a lucrative contract. On the other hand, certain circumstances dictate that you need to act aggressively to ensure that you get paid ahead of other creditors that a debtor may have. We offer a range of fee structures that can deal with all forms of debt recovery.

Debt Recovery and Credit Control


At one end we can offer a fixed cost credit control service where we can chase payment invoices in a less formal manner as representatives or agents of our client. This softer approach will ensure that you get paid whilst avoiding damaging relationships. It also takes away the need for having someone responsible for chasing invoices internally as we can work directly with your accounting software if required.

At the other end of the spectrum, we can pursue aggressive debt recovery action against companies or consumers which could include insolvency proceedings, court proceedings, and enforcement. We will offer strategic advice as to the prospects of recovering debt and the best manner of enforcement.

We can also deal with circumstances where debts are disputed and our wide-ranging expertise in Litigation and Dispute Resolution means that you will achieve the best possible results time and again.



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