Are you looking for advice to make a car accident compensation claim in Leeds? Oakwood Solicitors have a trained team of dedicated professionals who can help you each step of the way through the claims process.

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Oakwood Solicitors have already helped numerous people throughout England and Wales win the compensation they justly deserve after suffering injury in a road traffic accident for which they were not at fault. If you have been involved in an accident and sustained injuries as a result no matter your age or driving experience our dedicated team of legal experts could help you with your compensation claim.

Circumstances that you may be entitled to compensation from could include:

? Being a pedestrian hit by a vehicle (including instances of hit and run)

? Being the injured driver of a vehicle that was hit by another through no fault of your own

? Being the passenger of a vehicle that was hit by another from which you suffered injury

? Being the passenger of the vehicle in which the driver made an error causing your injuries

? Being a cyclist knocked by a driver who was at fault which left you injured

If you have been injured in an incident as described above or any other road traffic accident Oakwood Solicitors can advise you on getting your claim started and what outcome you can expect to receive.

If you are seeking car accident compensation for an incident in Leeds Oakwood Solicitor’s highly qualified team can advise and support you in every decision you need to make.

Oakwood Solicitors have been able to help young and more novice drivers such as Mr C who was awarded £1250 in compensation after his car was hit in the rear by another vehicle.

It is vital that you keep a lookout to the traffic in front of you at all times leaving enough stopping distance to enable to you brake and avoid an accident even in unexpected circumstances. It is your responsibility as a road user to drive in careful and safe manner.

One of the most common injuries from road traffic accidents is whiplash usually caused by the vehicle behind hitting the rear of the one in front. This can happen even at very low speeds but can result in a very serious and painful injury even if this is not apparent immediately at the time of the incident. Keeping to suitable speeds for the conditions and paying attention to the vehicle in front of you can help minimise the chances of you being responsible for an accident that would cause this.

If you are seeking the best advice on how to start and more forward with your car accident compensation claim call Oakwood Solicitors in Leeds on: 0844 844 8180.

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