Have you been involved in an accident and are you worried about being accused of a false injury claim then come to our committed team at Oakwood who have a long track record of helping people make successful claims in the UK. Our team were delighted to help one of our more elderly clients Mrs H get compensation of nearly £5100.

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Mrs H from Essex was 72 years of age when she was unfortunate enough to have been the innocent victim of a road traffic accident. We were delighted to be able to get her compensation of £5099.55. Our client’s car was hit along the side by the defendant’s vehicle.

Accidents like this are usually caused when defendants are not paying attention fully to the road as they pull out from side junctions or from parking spaces. Side on collisions commonly cause whiplash style injuries these are caused when the spine is compressed and extended rapidly beyond its usual capabilities giving the usual consequences that we have come to expect from a whiplash injury. This would include things like stiffness of the back and pain for the sufferer as they try to turn their neck in any direction.

I have been involved in a car accident which was not my fault however I am worried about being accused of making a false injury claim; Oakwood have a long heritage of making successful claims on behalf of clients in the UK.

Oakwood are able to put together a strong case to allow each and every client that we take on the maximum compensation that we can possibly achieve for them for the injuries they sustained as a direct result of their road traffic accident. We are so confident in our ability to be able to get compensation for our clients that we take on most of the clients in road traffic accident situations on a no win no fee basis.

We are very proud of our no win no fee ability to take on claims is this guarantees clients that they do not have to pay any upfront fees nor will any money come off the compensation money that they are awarded. This means clients are paid the full 100% of the compensation that we are able to achieve on their behalf.

If you have been the innocent victim of a car accident and you are worried about being accused of making a false injury claim then come to our road traffic accident specialists at Oakwood in the UK to start your successful claim on: 0844 499 9302.

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