If you have sustained a car accident injury and you need expert claims advice there is no better place to come than Oakwood Solicitors. We have settled an astounding number of personal injury claims in the last ten years and successfully awarded millions of pounds in compensation to our clients.

 In Road Traffic Accident - Case Study

Miss F was injured when she was in the passenger seat of someone else’s vehicle. A third party car reversed in to the car that Miss F was in. As a result Miss F suffered some painful whiplash like injuries. After approaching the personal injury lawyers at Oakwood Solicitors for advice about her claim Miss F decided to proceed. Thankfully we were able to settle her claim in our usual timely manner and Miss F was awarded with £1864.80 in compensation.

You can claim personal injury compensation as the passenger in a vehicle as well as if you are the driver of a vehicle. If you are the driver of a vehicle you can only claim personal injury compensation if the incident was the fault of a third party i.e. another vehicle. If you are the passenger in a vehicle which is involved in a road traffic incident you can claim compensation if a third party vehicle caused the car you were in to crash OR if the driver of the vehicle you were in caused the accident. Generally speaking passengers in vehicles qualify for an award providing they make the claim within three years of the accident and their injuries are genuine.

Following a car accident if you have sustained an injury you should seek legal claims advice from a trusted firm of solicitors. Oakwood’s track record for helping innocent road traffic accidents is impressive and we strive to settle every new case that comes to us.

Most commonly the typical injuries sustained in a car accident such as the one Miss F was involved in result in what is known as a whiplash injury. Whiplash is not a medical definition for the injuries that are sustained it is a colloquial term generally used to describe a range of symptoms. Whiplash is caused when the head moves suddenly and beyond its normal capabilities either forwards backwards or to the side.

When whiplash occurs the ligaments in the neck are damaged; other soft tissues may also be affected by this. The amount of time it takes for a whiplash injury to heal varies depending on the degree of the impact and the person itself. The amount of compensation you are awarded for your injury will be calculated by your injuries and your recovery time.

For car accident injury claims advice call the highly qualified legal experts at Oakwood Solicitors today on: 0844 844 8180.

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