Oakwood Solicitors can help you claim compensation following a car accident and unlike your insurance company they can claim damages for any injuries you sustained in the accident; whether you live in London or anywhere in the UK if your accident occurred within the last three years and you weren?t to blame you can talk to Oakwood’s legal team about making a claim today.

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Can I claim compensation through my insurance company?

You can make a claim with respect to the damage to your vehicle through your insurer but they will not act on your behalf regarding any personal injuries.

Oakwood will do both

Even if you have already sorted out a claim for your vehicle Oakwood can still handle the personal injury side of things for you.

What if I have third party cover?

If you have third party insurance cover your insurance company will not help you.

Oakwood Solicitors will.

They will handle the repairs for you arrange for you to have access to a hire car and it won?t cost you a penny. All the costs will be included in your claim.

If you are the innocent victim of a car accident whether you have comprehensive or third party insurance cover andyou are not sure how to handle your claim Oakwood can examine the circumstances of your case in London and let you know what your options are.

Oakwood are well known for their ability to negotiate high levels of compensation for their clients.

They secured £1685.00 for Ms M who was stationary in her vehicle when the third party failed to stop and hit her vehicle in the rear. Ms M’s accident occurred just before Christmas and she was left suffering from painful injuries because of another person’s carelessness.

A major benefit of making your claim through Oakwood Solicitors is that you won?t have to pay your policy excess and you will protect your no claims bonus. Oakwood will deal directly with the third party’s insurer. They will also deal directly with the garage concerning repairs for your car. They literally take care of everything for you so you don?t have the hassle of running around sorting out your claim.

So if you have had a car accident in the last three years and were considering making an insurance claim talk to Oakwood Solicitors first and find out why so many of their clients in London have been delighted with the service:0844 844 8180.

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