Following a car accident you may want to seek legal advice about making a personal injury claim. You can access free and expert personal injury advice from the team of dedicated legal consultants at Oakwood Solicitors who deal with road traffic accident collisions.

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Mr P decided to make a personal injury claim after a third party vehicle caused him to be involved in a road traffic collision on a major accident hot spot. Roundabouts are notorious for low speed car collisions because of the confusion nervousness lack of communication and impatience of vehicle operators. Mr P was injured when a third party vehicle failed to give way to him on the roundabout and caused a collision.

Mr P had right of way on the roundabout and the accident was not his fault in any way so Mr P had a strong case for claiming personal injury compensation. Mr P’s case was made even stronger by the fact he made his claim within three years of the accident occurring; claims made over the three year time limit will not be accepted except in exceptional circumstances.

After seeking legal advice from Oakwood Solicitors about his case Mr P proceeded with litigation against the third party responsible for his injuries. The result was a positive one for Mr P and Oakwood Solicitors were able to award him with a total of £1975.00 in personal injury compensation for his accident.

Following a car accident you should seek legal advice in order to you are maximise the chances of successfully receiving the compensation you are entitled to.

You could be entitled to make a roundabout accident claim if a third party driver has failed to give you right of way on a roundabout and has caused a collision. You are only entitled to claim roundabout accident compensation if the right of way was legally yours on the road and you were travelling correctly. You must use your indicators when travelling on a roundabout so other road users know what moves you are planning to make and act accordingly; so many accidents happen on roundabout because of the lack of signalling from vehicle operators.

It is better to be hesitant when waiting to enter a roundabout than pull out in front of an oncoming vehicle; vehicles already on the roundabout automatically have right of way and you must give way to them. If you pull onto a roundabout and collide with another vehicle you are automatically responsible for the accident occurring.

If you need car accident legal advice about claiming compensation call Oakwood Solicitors on:0844 844 8180.

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