Car crash compensation is widely available in the UK to anyone who has been injured in a collision on the roads if the accident was caused by a third party driver.

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A very pleasing positive result has been achieved in one of our personal injury claims on behalf of Mrs Z. Mrs Z received a personal injury award of £3286.00 after a car accident left her seriously injured. Mrs Z was injured in a collision when a third party driver reversed into her vehicle. Even at low speeds a seriousinjury can still be sustained. Some professionals are of the opinion that an injury cannot have been sustained if no visible damage has been done to the vehicle but here at Oakwood Solicitors we know that this simply isn?t true.

An injury no matter how severe or minor is still an injury to the sufferer and they deserve to be compensated for their injury if it was sustained in an accident that was caused by a third party. It has been proven that an injury can be sustained to a driver in a stationary vehicle if they are hit by a car travelling at a speed of as low as 10mph. Cars are designed to be able to withstand damage from an impact caused at speeds of up to 10mph but the human body is not.

You could be entitled to make a claim for car crash compensation if a road traffic accident has left you injured and suffering. In order to qualify for making a claim for car crash compensation there must be a third party involved who caused the accident to happen.

If you are reversing your vehicle and you want to avoid causing an injury to someone like Mrs Z you should follow the advice below:

? Find an appropriate place to perform the manoeuvre. Wit until you have found a safe and quiet place if you need to turn your vehicle around.

? Try to avoid reversing or turning around on a busy road.

? Never revers out of a side road and onto a main road; continue forwards until you find a more appropriate place to turn.

? If you have a driveway try to revers in and drive out ifpossible.

? Before proceeding to revers check all of your mirrors for oncoming traffic and pedestrians physically check the blind spots around you and then proceed very slowly. You must proceed as slowly as possible in case there is a small child or other pedestrianaround that you have not seen.

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