If you have been involved in a car crash and it has left you with an injury you may be struggling to manage in your daily life. Did you know that by using Oakwood Solicitors to help you claim compensation you could be able to claim back all of your loss of earnings as well as compensation for the actual injury and physical suffering you have had to endure?

 In Road Traffic Accident - Case Study

Poor Mr M was injured in a road traffic collision at the age of 62. Mr M was seriously injured in the collision and received extensive damage to his body in the accident. The amount of pain and suffering that Mr M had to endure throughout the recovery period all because of a third party drivers negligence was definitely worth of the £3909.00 he received in compensation. The compensation that Mr M received will not change the fact that he did have to suffer a vast amount of pain following the accident but we do hope that it will help him to come to terms with the accident by knowing he has sought justice from the person that caused his injuries.

Mr M’s accident occurred when he was travelling down a multilane highway. Mr M was proceeding correctly and within the speed limit when the third party driver that caused the accident switched lanes and crashed straight into the side of Mr M’s car. In an accident of this nature and with the speeds that were being used Mr M is very lucky not to have sustained a fatal injury.

Following a car crash if you have sustained an injury you should seek legal advice as soon as possible about making a claim if a third party driver has caused the accident.

It is very important that you take extra care when travelling on the motorway because there is a greater risk of sustaining a more serious injury if you are travelling at speed. When traveling on a motorway you must;

? Give priority to traffic already using the motorway when entering from a slip road.

? Drive at a safe cruising speed that you are comfortable with and which your vehicle can handle safely which is within the speed limit.

? Make sure you keep a safe distance from the vehicles in front and increase this distance significantly is rainy or icy conditions.

? Never cross any solid white lines which separate lanes.

? Never drive on the hard shoulder or park on the hard shoulder unless you are broken down.

To start your personal injury claim for car crash injury compensation call Oakwood Solicitors on: 0844 844 8180.

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