The specialist car crash lawyers from the personal injury team at Oakwood are so confident in our ability to settle genuine road traffic accident claims that we work all of our personal injury cases under the conditional fee agreement.

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The conditional fee agreement or no win no fee agreement as it is more commonly known is the best way for accident injury victims to claim the compensation they deserve without risking being left out of pocket. Hiring a solicitor can be very expensive and more often than not the cost of hiring a solicitor is much more than the amount of compensation you are expected to receive.

The high cost of hiring a solicitor would seem pointless making a claim if your whole compensation amount would be taken up paying your legal fees and then some. This is why the no win no fee agreement exists. It is never nice being involved in a n accident and compensation is sometimes the only way that an accident victim can draw a line under the vents and move on. Oakwood Solicitors wants to be able to help you do this by working on your behalf on a no win no fee basis. This means that you will not be landed with a huge bill for our fees into the unlikely event that we are unable to settle your claim. We will get paid on a result only basis so we do not expect you to pay us if we cannot deliver the result.

Not succeeding his highly unlikely so you may be wondering how making a claim will benefit you if we are successful? Simple we obtain our fees in addition to and totally separately to the amount of compensation you are awarded. The third party that caused your accident will have to pay your legal fees.

You need the support and guidance of the car crash lawyers from Oakwood Solicitors if a car accident has left you injured through no fault of your own.

It was the no win no fee service we offer that meant Mr d was able to make a no win no fee claim without risking being out of pocket. We worked on Mr d’s behalf after he sustained an injury when a third party driver crashed into he rear of his vehicle. We were able to secure a total of £2600.00 for Mr D for his injuries and he was able to keep the full award amount.

To speak to one of the dedicated car crash lawyers from Oakwood Solicitors about your personal injury case call: 0844 844 8180 today.

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