Carbon monoxide poisoning leaves women ill in Cornwall

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A woman in the Cornish town of Redruth has been taken to hospital after suffering carbon monoxide poisoning after a serious gas leak at her home last night.

Firefighters used a gas detector which found a reading of 80 part per million of carbon monoxide (CO) – this is around the level where individuals can suffer from headache, fatigue and nausea, and if left in this environment, as the CO levels rise disorientation, unconsciousness, and even death are possible.

Laura Walton from Oakwood Solicitors commented “Carbon monoxide is a potential poison and even exposure to low-levels of it can cause lasting damage to your health. It is known as the ‘silent killer’; you can’t smell it, see it or taste it, but it could be there with you now; we urge everyone to get a carbon monoxide alarm.”

Oakwood’s specialist Solicitors represent people who have suffered illness or injury as a result of accidents at work, in public places or as a fault of third-parties. Our team of experts help people get answers and the compensation that they deserve.

Very little else is known about this incident at this time, but it’s clear that a thorough investigation is needed to get to the bottom of it.

We all have responsibility to keep each other safe in our homes and businesses and third-parties have a responsibility in law to ensure that customers and their staff are kept safe from any potential risks to their health and safety.

Laura continued, “The awful and sometimes tragic consequences of carbon monoxide are well known, and it is therefore vital that everything is done to ensure that this incident is not repeated.”

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