Christian Heathrow Worker Unfairly Dismissed For Anti-Islam

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Christian Heathrow Worker Unfairly Dismissed For Anti-Islam

Nahad Halawi claims she faced religious discrimination by Muslim workers at Heathrow. She worked as a self-employed beauty consultant selling cosmetics in Terminal 3 for 13 years. However she was fired after rumours arose that she was “anti-Islam” which followed a complaint about being bullied and intimidated by Muslim colleagues.

Under employment law Halawi can not make a claim because she is not classed as a worker and can not sue as an employee. This led to her case being rejected by an emplyment tribunal in 2012 and also an employment appeal tribunal in October last year. However Halawi maintains the determination to take legal action against Autogrill Retail UK which trades as World Duty Free.

She argues that although she was self-emplyed she had a working relationship with the company and it was their management who took her airside pass allowing her to work there. Therefore she states that this should enable her to sue under employment law.

Her lawyer is expected to argue that the EAT descision is legally flawed and that she is entitled to protection from discrimination under european law. The EAT judge was concerned that the airside arrangements were constructed in such a way that she may have been victimised by discrimination but yet have no right to complain to a tribunal.

However Halawi is pursuing a claim for unfair dismissal and unlawful discrimination. She said that her other Christian friends had also been harassed and one was even reduced to tears after being mocked for wearing a cross. 22 of her co-workers including Muslim colleagues signed a petition saying they were shocked and saddened by Halawi’s recent dismissal and that it came as a result of unfounded and malicious allegations.

Christian Legal Centre chief executive Andrea Williams commented saying this was a clear case of injustice involving a Christian worker which was obvious to many of her co-workers. She continued that the judge needs to rule that she was employed so that justice can take place.

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