You can claim car accident compensation with the help of Oakwood Solicitors if a car accident has caused you to sustain injuries and the accident was caused by a third party driver.

 In Road Traffic Accident - Case Study

Nearly £2000.00 in personal injury compensation has been awarded to Mr P after a road traffic collision left him with a significantly painful injury. Mr P utilised the no win no fee personal injury services offered to him by Oakwood Solicitors in his initial consultation. After one phone call the personal injury lawyer that Mr P spoke to Oakwood was able to accurately assess Mr P’s personal injury claim and offer him an expert opinion about the chances of his claim being successful. As soon as we heard the details of Mr P’s accident we were confident that his claim could be resolved quickly and with a positive outcome. Mr P proceeded with his claim and it was a success.

When Mr P received his personal injury award it was his to keep; Mr P did not have to pay any legal costs out of his award because we sought our fees from the party responsible for the accident. Had we been unable to resolve Mr P’s case he would not have had to pay any of the costs incurred for the time we spent working on his case. We were confident that Mr P’s case would be a success for the following reasons:

? He was hit in the rear by a third party driver therefore on of the responsibility for the accident was Mr P’s. In rear end collisions the driver in the second car is at fault for the accident.

? Mr P made his claim within three years of the accident occurring which is the legal time limit for starting a claim following an accident.

? Mr P sustained genuine injuries in the accident that qualified for a compensation award.

In order to make a successful claim car accident for personal injury compensation you must start your claim within three years of the accident occurring.

Providing you are able to meet the criteria above it is likely that you will be able to make a no win no fee claim. Your case may be helped if you can provide the following but it is not necessary if you do not have this information:

? The details of anyone who witnesses the accident.

? Photographs of the accident scene.

? Photographs of your injury if it is visible.

? Details of the party that caused the accident.

To start your claim car accident today call Oakwood Solicitors on: 0844 844 8180.

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