If you are thinking about claiming compensation for a personal injury that was caused by a third party driver on the road you need the help of the dedicated legal consultants from Oakwood Solicitors.

 In Road Traffic Accident - Case Study

Mr C was involved in a road traffic collision just as he had managed to avoid causing one. Mr C was driving down the road when he saw the car in front braking. Mr C started braking to otherwise he would have been running the risk of crashing into the car in front and being liable for an accident occurring. Unfortunately the driver that was following Mr C did not brake in time and crashed into the back of Mr C’s car making Mr C the victim of a rear end collision that he was trying to avoid.

The accident happened at a relatively high speed and Mr C’s injuries were caused when his head was thrown forwards from the sudden acceleration caused by the impact which was then followed by his head being thrown backwards sharply in the ensuing deceleration from the impact. In rear end collisions the head is thrown forwards and then backwards which causes an extreme amount of damage to be done to the soft tissues in the neck; quite often more damage is caused in a rear end collision than it is in a head on collision because the head is ?whipped? in two directions.

Oakwood Solicitors are experts at claiming for personal injury compensation on behalf of clients who have been involved in a road traffic collision through no fault of their own.

Luckily Mr C decided to consult Michael win solicitors about his case and after receiving our expert evaluation of his case instructed us to start legal proceedings against the third party that caused the accident. We were able to settle Mr C’s case in a timely manner because there was no doubt that Mr C had not caused the accident. In rear end collisions such as the one that Mr C was involved in the driver at the rear of the accident is always classed as the party at fault. The reason for this is that it is the responsibility of the driver at the rear to keep a safe and acceptable distance away from the car in front should they have to brake suddenly. The driver at the rear of Mr C’s collision was not taking enough care to keep an appropriate distance away from Mr C’s vehicle nor had they been able to react in time to his braking. As a result of Oakwood Solicitors hard work Mr c received a substantial award of £3248.00.

To start claiming for a personal injury award today call Oakwood Solicitors on: 0844 844 8180.

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