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“Black lung” is a horrendous condition that is also known as coal miners’ pneumoconiosis, coal miners lung or medically as anthracosis – it’s caused as a result of scarring on the lungs from prolonged exposure to coal dust; the dust actual stays in the lungs causing lung disease.

It is a condition affecting coal miners in the UK, but it doesn’t just affect underground workers but also above surface workers that have also breathed in coal dust into their lungs over many, many years.

Currently UK Coal PLC are responsible for miners health and welfare (current and former mine workers), but even though the former organisations, which no longer exist (i.e.  National Coal Board (NCB) and British Coal Corporation) we can still pursue a compensation claim for individuals as these businesses were legally responsible (or at fault) to your exposure to harmful and potentially deadly coal dust.

If you suffer from this condition and you are an ex miner or coal worker it is quite likely you will be entitled to claim industrial injuries compensation from your former employer.

We want to see justice done, which is why we support Nottinghamshire MPs Alan Meale and Mark Spencer who are calling on the government to pay for CT scans for all living ex-miners, only through these CT scans can the real damage to lungs be determined and real progress can be made on securing the compensation that miners deserve.

Thousands of ex-miners could be unaware they have a deadly lung disease because they were not given adequate scans, a union has said.

Two miners who worked at Thoresby colliery, Nottinghamshire, have been diagnosed with pneumoconiosis after CT scans paid for by the UDM. Both had the all-clear after X-rays at work.

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