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Commercial Business Law – ML Expert Solicitors Team; Are you in search of expert legal professionals who specialise in employment commercial and business law to advise and assist your organisation within the UK in a variety of matters? Then you should make a no obligation call to the highly qualified and experienced legal team at Oakwood Solicitors to discover how our experts provide advice and assistance that is tailored to suit your business requirements to ensure that the best interests of your business are protected with regards to company policies contracts agreements and settling disputes.

The Guardian published an article on 17 July 2013 written by Stephen Chater reporting on employee ownership and how companies can make the correct choices for their business.

The article states that "The government wants many more UK businesses to involve employees in their ownership an idea that also attracts widespread political support outside the coalition. Such a name can be achieved more simply than first thought although a business that is considering employee share ownership will need to think carefully about various issues before deciding exactly how to do it."

It explains "It will need to be clear about why the business is doing it. There may be several reasons: strategic such as securing ownership succession rewarding employees (and if there are financial reasons does this mean employees share in growth in the company’s value in annual profits?) tax efficiency or business reasons such as enhancing the loyalty of employees for establishing a common interest among employee-owners."

Are you an employer seeking the specialist services of legal professionals who deal with employment commercial and business law in the UK? The highly skilled professionals at Oakwood Solicitors could use their expertise in the fields of UK employment commercial and business law to provide outstanding legal advice assistance and representation from your organisation always working to ensure the best interests of your company are protected and the you are fully compliant with all current legislation.

The above-mentioned article informs us that "There are two main forms that employee ownership can take. Shares can be acquired by employees individually which they might later be able to sell or shares can be held on their behalf on a long-term basis in an employees’ trust".

The article goes on to say that "Individual share ownership will be important if employees are to be able to participate in growth in the company’s value but where this is not a goal a trust ownership might be an attractive choice".

Employment commercial and business law specialists at Oakwood Solicitors could provide your organisation within the UK and outstanding legal advice that is tailored to suit your business requirements to ensure that you are fully aware of any implications or risks associated with changes within the law or any chosen course of action that you may take enabling you to make fully informed decisions that will best protect the best interests of your organisation and allow you to grow in the most financially viable way; so consult with our helpful advisers today to discuss the services that may benefit you on: 0113 200 9720.


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