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Commercial Law Solicitors – ML Expert Solicitors; Are you seeking expert employment and commercial law solicitors to assist your organisation in Manchester in drafting and implementing fair company policies and procedures that comply with the equality and diversity legislation? Then you should consult the highly qualified and experienced legal professionals at Oakwood Solicitors over a no obligation call and discover how our dedicated team could use their expertise in these fields of law to advise and assist you with company policy documentation as well as helping you to efficiently manage workplace disputes that may has arisen due to misunderstandings or failures to properly implement fair policies in your organisation.

The Herald published an article on Monday 10 December 2012 reporting that “MSPs have demanded urgent action to tackle the problems women face in the workplace after a damning report said they are being segregated into low-paid and low status work”.

The article says that “A hard-hitting report from a Holyrood committee found women are subjected to “occupational segregation” clustered in certain jobs such as caring cleaning and clerical work”.

It went on to say that “A glass ceiling still separates women from boardroom jobs while they also receive an equal pay to men the Equal Opportunities Committee’s inquiry into the an equal participation of women in work found. It has now issued a call the experts to come forward with ways to address these issues and other problems.”

Do you require the expert services of specialist employment and commercial law solicitors to advise and assist your organisation in Manchester? Then you should make a no obligation call to the experts at Oakwood Solicitors to discover how our dedicated team could use the specialist skills and experience in these particular fields of law to offer guidance and assistance in a diverse range of employment matters including those that involve swift and cost-effective employment dispute resolution.

The above-mentioned article further adds that “The moves have been welcomed by unions and the Federation of Small Businesses both of which said more need to be done to create equality in the workplace”.

It is reported that “The committee is asking for ideas and potential solutions across a series of specific areas: workplace issues; shift working; the squeeze on part-time working with additional competition from men; request flexible working; the impact of public and voluntary sector cuts; and the double disadvantage facing disabled women.”

If you have had a claim brought against your company to an employment tribunal for a lack of equal opportunities or discrimination in your workplace you should consult the specialist employment and commercial law legal professionals at Oakwood Solicitors to discover how our dedicated team could help you achieve the best possible outcome available to you for your organisation in Manchester through either alternative dispute resolution methods that involve negotiations and settlement agreements out of court or representing you at an employment tribunal hearing; to speak with our helpful advisers today on: 0113 200 9720.


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