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An article published on 25 January 2013 by Pay and Benefits Magazine regarding recent employment tribunal cases outlined that of Miller and others v Interserve Industrial Services ltd [2012] All ER (D) 121 (Dec).

The article summarises that "A total of three applicants who were turned down for work claim to this was due to their trade union activities. However the nomination processes by their union affected their recruitment."

The article explains that "The respondent company provided labour for so-called "shutdown projects" at oil depots. The three appellants were scaffold is and in a highly unionised industry where shop stewards of the union UNITE. They applied for employment on a project known as the Murco shutdown but were not taken on. A couple of them also applied for employment on the Pembroke shutdown but were not recruited. They brought proceedings in an employment tribunal claiming they had not been taken because of their trade union membership contrary to s 137 of the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992."

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The above-mentioned article informs is that "The tribunal decided that the evidence to support this claim. If found that the decision had been taken because a full-time official of UNITE C trip or fall with the appellants’ names for employment on that project. C believed that the union had a right to nominate members for recruitment with a view to their acting as shop stewards. The employer’s operations manager J had resented this interference. J had felt that he was being bullied into employing the appellants. The tribunal found that the treatment did not occur because the appellants were members of trade unions but rather because Jay wanted to retain his freedom to recruit whoever he preferred. The claim failed and the appellants appealed."

The article further adds that "The EAT pointed out that though there was no law of "unfair non-recruitment"."

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