Oakwood were delighted to be able to be of help to get compensation for poor Mr K after he suffered an arm injury; our solicitors are experienced in building a claim on your behalf in Manchester and the rest of the UK.

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Mr K was at a leisure centre when his accident occurred. A tile fell from the ceiling of the leisure centre and struck Mr K on his arm. Our client suffered soft tissue damage to his arm as a result of this accident.

Our client approached Oakwood as he rightly felt that the accident took place through no fault of his. In public places such as leisure centres railway stations shopping centres and the like the owners of these places and sometimes the directors within the organisation can be and should be held accountable if the public space is not safe for the public to use. These owners and directors are legally obliged to fulfil certain legal minimum standards of care. If these duties of care are not carried out regularly and if risk assessments are not updated and checked then these individuals should pay for the on-going care to the user of their property who has been injured as a result of their neglect.

If you are thinking about making a compensation claim after an arm injury then Oakwood Solicitors in Manchester were established over ten years ago and we have built up an excellent reputation for the high standard of our customer care.

There are advantages to everyonewhen you making a claim for compensation. If you make a claim following an accident in a public place the owners and directors in question may then change its practices in order to prevent a similar accident or worse occurring. If we all went to court after suffering the pain and humiliation of sustaining an accident in a public place then these owners would be forced to clean up their working practices to include more of a focus on the health and safety of the public.

Oakwood Solicitors aim to get claims settled as quickly as possible for you. We treat each client as an individual and we strive to get you the compensation you deserve quickly. We are aware that in these financially troubled times that few of us have savings to fall back on in an emergency and that when an accident like this happens the financial consequences can be devastating.

For accident compensation after an arm injury call Oakwood Solicitors in Manchester on 0844 499 9302.

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