Miss Wilson contacted Oakwood to get compensation for a bullying in work claim and was successful.

 In Stress At Work - Case Study

Miss Wilson worked in an office in the city centre for 5 years normally working in the insurance claims department as a manager but was asked by her superiors to take over another manager’s long term sick absence in the complaints department which is mostly staffed by 18-23 year olds. Miss Wilson wasn?t sure about the move as she lacks in confidence and is used to managing a much smaller and more mature staff base.

She has likened the new working environment to that of a classroom situation with a complete lack of respect for her no one answering the phones items being thrown around the room and on occasions items such as cans of pop nail varnishes etc being thrown at her. One hit her in the head and gave her a black eye once but she could not prove it was any of the staff as they all lied to the same story. Her superiors never once offered to let her have her previous job back and denied the situation.

?I have been bullied so severely at work I feel crumbled as a person. I couldn?t go back to that job and I don?t even want to go out of the house now. Some of the things those kids said were so cruel. I contacted Oakwood about getting compensation for a bullying in work claim.

Miss Wilson got full compensation for her case. If you need advice about a getting compensation for a bullying in work claim call the Oakwood’s Team now on: 0844 499 9302.

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