If you are looking to pursue compensation for noise-related hearing loss suffered in your workplace/ industry then you should speak with highly experienced legal staff who can advise you on the best cause of action and guide you through the claims process as they have for many other innocent victims of industrial deafness in London on a no obligation basis. The dedicated work-related illness injury team at Oakwood Solicitors can assess you case in a matter of minutes over the phone letting you know if we can take on your claim on ?no win no fee? terms and advising you of the likely outcomes.

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Every employer is responsible for ensuring the workplace conditions are safe for their staff. The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 was an act introduced to help protect workers from having to suffer high levels of noise in the workplace that could do them harm. If there are consistent levels of noise above 80 dB an employer should either be looking into lowering the noise levels or making sure they provide the correct ear protection equipment to their staff.

Industrial deafness which can also be referred to as occupational deafness or noise-related hearing loss is the name given to a condition which results in the loss of hearing as a direct consequence of a person’s working environment. This can be due to prolonged close proximity to loud noises working with constant extremely high noise levels over a number of years or if a person is subjected to an extremely loud noise which causes irreparable damage such as a perforated eardrum. This is often known as acoustic trauma or acoustic shock.

If you are seeking professionals to help ensure you achieve the best possible outcome from your claim for compensation for hearing loss that occurred in your industry workplace in London look no further than the experts at Oakwood Solicitors.

Miss G suffered what was diagnosed as acoustic shock whilst working at a call centre. The headset she was wearing gave sharp loud feedback damaging her right ear. Her employer did not have headsets in place which contained noise limiters which would have restricted the sound coming through the headset to 118 dB and could have prevented the injury to her ear. Unfortunately the trauma sustained was very severe and left her with permanent loss of hearing in that ear. She approached Oakwood Solicitors with her case and our team handled her claim on a no win no fee basis successfully recovering £23150 for Miss G.

To start making a claim for compensation for noise-related hearing loss that occurred in industry in London with experienced work-related illness specialists either yourself or a responsible representative who you authorise to speak on your behalf should make the call to Oakwood Solicitors today on: 0844 499 9302.

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