Poor Mrs R was seriously injured at the age of 71 after she suffered a serious fall in a public place; Oakwood’s experts helped Mrs R claim compensation for a slip trip or fall injury in Leeds.

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Mrs R suffered an accident in a public place due to the defective equipment that was in place on the pavement; due to the fact that the accident was not her fault Mrs R was successfully able to make a claim for compensation. Mrs R tripped over a drainage cover that was protruding from the path; the roots of a large tree had grown under the pavement lifting the tarmac and into the drainage cover. The roots of the tree had caused the drainage cover to lift up and presented itself as a serious hazard to Mrs R.

Having an accident at any age is not nice but when accidents happened to the elderly statistically the elderly take a much longer period of time to recover and they also sustain more serious injuries. If a younger fit and health person were to fall in the same accident they would be at a much lesser risk of suffering a fracture than someone who was a lot older.

Oakwood Solicitors were extremely happy to be able to secure compensation for a slip trip or fall on behalf of Mrs R; our expert public liability solicitors in Leeds worked on Mrs R’s behalf to settle her claim as quickly as possible.

Our solicitors here at Oakwood have been claiming compensation on behalf of our clients for over ten years. We have a very impressive track record of the claims we have resolved. We aim to get all our clients the maximum amount of compensation they deserve. We hope Mrs R’s compensation goes some way towards helping her deal with the accident she had in a public place.

We have different teams of lawyers that specialise in different areas of claiming compensation. We have a team that deals with accident sin a public place; these solicitors are experts at claiming for accidents like slipping on water in supermarkets and falling over defective potholes in public car parks.

Our accidents at work team can deal with any type of work accident from a minor burn in a kitchen to an accident involving losing a limb. No claim is too big or too small for us at Oakwood all our clients are treated with respect and dignity; you are not just another case number to us.

If you are thinking about claiming compensation for a slip trip or fall accident speak to one of our professionals in Leeds today on: 0844 499 9302.

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