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Do you believe the compromise agreement that you have been offered by your employer does not reflect their wrongdoings and you now need a solicitors firm to help you make a claim in Manchester in an employment tribunal? Oakwood Solicitors will be able to assist you in this matter and they can assess your case free of charge during an initial consultation.

A compromise agreement is generally offered by an employer when they have breached their statutory obligation and an employee has suffered as a result of this. By accepting a compromise agreement an employee agrees not to take any further action or make a further claim against their employer in an employment tribunal.

The advantage to the employer of making a compromise agreement is that they are able to draw a line under the employee’s departure or complaint and they are protected from any further claims being made against them on this particular matter. Oakwood Solicitors can assist you in challenging the amount of compensation you have been offered and they can take your case to an employment tribunal if you believe that you could receive more compensation by doing this.

The majority of compromise agreements are arranged when an employee is unfairly dismissed or made redundant in an incorrect manner. Oakwood Solicitors receive many enquiries from people who believe they have been constructively or unfairly dismissed from their place of work. We received an enquiry on the 1st January 2013 from Miss C who believed she was the victim of unfair dismissal and possibly disability discrimination.

Have you been offered a compromise agreement from your employer and do not feel you have been offered enough compensation and now need a solicitors firm who can help you make a claim through an employment tribunal in Manchester?

Oakwood Solicitors can assist you in taking your case to an employment tribunal as the majority of cases involving unfair dismissal redundancy issues harassment or victimisation are processed through this independent body. If they believe that your employer has breached their statutory obligation they can order them to pay you compensation for the psychological trauma and financial suffering this has caused you.

Our team will happily answer any questions or queries you may have in regards to the compensation claims process and our advice comes to you free of charge. If you would like to discuss the eligibility of your compensation claim you should speak to one of the expert employment law solicitors who can assess your case on an individual basis.

If you have been offered a compromise agreement and now need a solicitors firm to assess your eligibility to make a claim through an employment tribunal in Manchester you should speak to Oakwood Solicitors today on:0844 844 9866.

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