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Constructive Dismissal Claims Bristol Could you benefit from finding out about constructive dismissal and how claims such as these are dealt with in the Bristol area? Oakwood Solicitors have a vast amount of experience surrounding all aspects of employment law and a fantastic proven record of handling these types of cases with the sensitivity required.

Oakwood Solicitors received an initial enquiry from Mr B on 15/02/13. He feels that he has been victimised by his employer and because of this he has grounds to make an unfair dismissal claim. Mr B made a complaint about his supervisor following a verbal telling off which occurred in front of many other colleagues rather than in private. It was the same supervisor that subsequently started an investigation against Mr B which resulted in Mr B losing his employment. Mr B maintains that he was completely innocent of what was accused in the investigation and believes the whole matter stems from the issue with his supervisor.
This kind of situation can be very hard to deal with and that is why the sooner you are able to obtain professional expert advice the better.
Having been a victim of constructive dismissal it can be hard to understand what your options may be regarding how claims such as these are dealt with in the Bristol area.
Employment law was formed to ensure that employees are aware of their rights and have them protected at work. This includes your right to feel safe and secure within your working environment to be protected against discrimination or harassment it also means that you have rights when it comes to your employment being terminated. There are lots of things that can cause somebody’s employment to end or why an employee chooses to leave their work. In most cases the decision for a person’s employment to come to an end is lawful and just. However there may also be cases when the employee will feel that their employment has been terminated unjustly or they have been forced to leave their employment because of a position they have been forced into.
It is in situations like this where there may be a case to make a complaint for constructive or unfair dismissal. If you feel that you may be currently dealing with this kind of situation or dispute you can obtain all the information and guidance you need by speaking to one of the highly experienced and trained legal managers at Oakwood Solicitors. A full evaluation can be carried out so that you can be sure your cases is being handled with the utmost consideration.
Find out all the information you need about constructive dismissal by talking to experienced lawyers dealing with claims in the Bristol area now. All you need to do is call Oakwood Solicitors on 0844 844 9866

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