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Constructive Dismissal Compensation Manchester Do you believe you are the victim of constructive dismissal from your place of work and you are now seeking compensation in Manchester for the financial loss and psychological trauma this event has caused you?

You should speak to Oakwood Solicitors as they will be able to assist you in providing legal representation in the form of a specialist employment law solicitor. Oakwood Solicitors have an experienced and dedicated panel of employment law experts that will be able to challenge your employer and can help you provide the evidence you need in order to make a successful compensation claim for constructive dismissal.

Many people believe that they have the grounds to make a successful constructive dismissal compensation claim; however this area of law is extremely complex as it can be difficult to know exactly what constitutes a breach of contract on the part of the employer. The team at Oakwood Solicitors can assist you in building a case which your employer will find difficult to argue and they can legally represent during an employment tribunal.

According to an article which was published in the Personnel Today on the 19th February 2013 it states that ?Employers should ensure that their contracts of employment are clearly drafted and reviewed regularly to ensure that they are appropriate to the circumstances of each employee.?

There are many reasons why constructive dismissal can occur however if you are seeking compensation in Manchester you should speak to the team at Oakwood Solicitors who will be able to assess your eligibility to make a successful claim.

We are able to assist almost anyone in England or Wales in regards to employment disputes as you are not required to visit the office at any point. We recently received an enquiry from Mr G from Ramsgate who was looking to discuss his eligibility to make a constructive dismissal complaint against his employer.

If we were to take on Mr G’s case for constructive dismissal the chances are we would process his claim through an employment tribunal. An employment tribunal is an independent body that can provide jurisdiction and solve disputes between employers and employees. They regularly deal with cases involving unfair dismissal constructive dismissal unfair redundancy harassment discrimination and victimisation. If they believe that Mr G was constructively dismissed they can order his employer to pay him compensation for the financial loss he has incurred as a result of the event.

If you are looking at claiming constructive dismissal compensation from your employer in Manchester then you should speak to Oakwood Solicitors who can legally represent you in an employment tribunal; to discuss your eligibility to make a successful claim why not call one of the employment law experts today on:0844 844 9866.

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